Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


17. Ryder

It was mine and Ryders first date since the break up. We were at Petes Pizza. "I swear to god this Pete guy is a billionaire." I joked. "Yeah I hear theres gonna be a Petes Country Diner opening up across the road." He informed me. Something didnt seem quite right. There was something bothering him, I could tell. I hadnt done anything wrong. I was wearing the green sparkly top that he loved so much (cus it was incredibly revealing) and I had made a special effort to look amazing. I at least owed him that much. I reached across the table and held his hand. "Whats up?" I asked him, staring intently into his eyes. He rubbed his forehead and sighed. "Why did you do it Demi?" He finally asked me. "Cheat on me. With my best friend. Why?" I didnt know what to tell him. I couldnt exactly tell him that although I guess I did genuinely have some feelings for him (i mean lets face it the guy is smokin), I secretly have been and probably always will be in love with his best friend. But he needed an answer and I wasnt about to lie to him. I am not the two timing kind. However, I was not about to tell him the whole entire truth either. I sighed as well. "Before I tell you I just need to know one thing- oh thank you." A waiter had brought our food. Ryder nodded at the guy and then began to eat. "Erm.. Anyways why did you suddenly forgive me?" I asked, opening a can of coke and taking a sip. "Well at first, I was prepared to be angry at you forever. But then I saw Jess about to pummel you and my heart stopped. I realised that I wasnt mad at you any more and I wasnt gonna let that one mistake rule out all the good things we've been through. I know whats like to loose credit for every good thing because of one tiny mistake." He explained. I was not expecting that. I'd wrongly assumed that he was just and idiot that couldnt keep his hands to himself. But looking back, he was drunk when those kinda things happened. He was genuinely a really sweet guy. It was time for my explanation and I needed a good one. "Wow Ryder, you are the best person I have ever met in my life." I told him. He half smiled. "Ryder you have no idea how sorry I am. I really dont know why I did it when I have such an amazing boyfriend like you." I apologized. He seemed okay with that answer. But what he had said made me realise something. I had to forgive Ladashia now. Because I didnt even like Jordan anymore. But I did like her, as my friend. My really great friend. And I needed a miracle to make her accept my apology.

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