Just those awkward moments

This story is about Gaby, Bri Reagan Mira Dodge and that popular crew we don't like. After all can't have a highschool without a popular group of people who think they are just too fab for everyone else. Also I will try to change POV but not too much.

Main author: Gibbygoose7890


20. Misunderstood

Mira's POV

"OK well it's about Thomas." I declared.

Reagan shut her locker and turned to me.

"I think I know what this is about Mira." She said.

I sighed with relief,"You do?"

"Yeah Mira... I know you have a crush on Thomas." She stated looking me in the eyes.

"What? Are you crazy? This isn't what this is about."

"It's OK Mira you don't have to pretend. I am not mad. I understand your emotions. Mira but I like him to and he is my boyfriend. But nothing has changed between us OK Mira?" She lectured.

"Reagan Thomas is my step brother." I hesitated.

"Oh... how come you didn't tell me? How come he didn't? Why do I care?"

"See that's what I said!"

"Why is that so important?"

"Well if he is like your boyfriend I think you should know that I guess."

"OK well anyways it doesn't matter to me either way. Thanks for telling me I guess but I could have gone without knowing that."

I don't know why that mattered. But it did. So that's taken care of.

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