Just those awkward moments

This story is about Gaby, Bri Reagan Mira Dodge and that popular crew we don't like. After all can't have a highschool without a popular group of people who think they are just too fab for everyone else. Also I will try to change POV but not too much.

Main author: Gibbygoose7890


1. Just us

There we were in the middle of the cafeteria continuing our regular sequenced and coordinated head bopping session. We weren't really the most popular kids in 11th grade but what did we care what anyone else thought about us. There was me with my medium length curled hair and my dull green eyes as they always were. I was wearing my usual brown and golden sandals, my levi's jeans, and my usual dressy shirts and cardigans.

My twin Bianca, or Bz was sitting across from my view (As I wish she wasn't). She was wearing her usual band t-shirt, shaggy brown hair, beat up high-tops, and cargo shorts.

Reagan, who sat next to me had her usual school hoodie, tightly curled hair, comfy jeans, and sandals.

Mira who sat on the other side of me was however short, wore the same hoodie as Reagan, her pre-ripped jeans, her very long thin hair that went down to her waist, and her multi-colored high-tops.

Brianna who sat diagonal of me was wearing her usual Chix Fish family business t-shirt, her usual blue jeans, her Italian leather boots, and her straight dirty blonde hair.

Last but not least, Dodge. Who usually wore gym shorts, high-tops, racing t-shirts, and his curly blonde hair.

Across from us in the cafeteria were those girls we all have at our school, those girls who always flirt with boys, the ones that always wear Hollister, Aeropostale, American Eagle, and what not.

There was Rachel (the "pack leader") with her bouncy, luscious, gorgeous, curly red hair, with her perfect teeth, glistening green eyes, her designer t-shirts and light blue jeans.

Then there was Kya, with her light blonde hair always in a bun in the smack dab middle of her head, her shirt that never went down past her stomach, and her jeans that always fit perfectly, and her regular Aeropostale shirt.

Then there was Heather with her straight long brown hair, her usual Hollister attire, and her brown combat boots.

Reagan turned to me and mumbled,"Why does Heather always have to be such an airhead." Heather usually in language arts of course would know the answer but still would turn to her best friend Kya and they would both, agree that they did not know. It was severely annoying and of course all the boys would swoon over them.

"I don't know Reagan because she's perf?"

Reagan laughed at my remark and all of us returned to our session.

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