Just those awkward moments

This story is about Gaby, Bri Reagan Mira Dodge and that popular crew we don't like. After all can't have a highschool without a popular group of people who think they are just too fab for everyone else. Also I will try to change POV but not too much.

Main author: Gibbygoose7890


13. Are you kidding me

     Thomas POV    

     Me and Reagan were outside at Agr. afterschool just hanging out. Rachel was over with her friends Heather and Kya and they kept looking over at us and talking. I wondered what was going on with that.

~~~~~~~Meanwhile with Rachel Kya and Heather~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     "I cannot believe that good waste of manliness Thomas would choose her over me!" Rachel ranted.

"I know?! What is he doing with a girl like her, you are totes adorbes" Kya agreed. "What does she have that you don't have Rachel." Heather aggravated. 

    "Thanks and don't worry girls I have a plan." Rachel smirked.


     "Hey Thomas I'll be right back OK?" Reagan said to me. She got up and went inside.

     I sat there waiting for her to come back when Rachel came up to me.

     "Hey Thomas" She said to me. She sat next to me sideways and said "Soo are you and Reagan dating?"

     "Well...I don't know yet but I'm thinking about asking her." I replied assuring.

     "Why? What do you see in her anyways?" Rachel asked me.

     "well she has a sense of humour, shes cute, shes really sweet, and-" all of the sudden Rachel cut me off by bursting towards me and kissing me full on the lips.

     I pulled away in shock. What the heck just happened?

     "Thomas what are you doing?!" I heard someone yell. it was Reagan.

     "It's not what it looks like Reagan come on I can explain it" I tried to say.

     "No you know what? I knew I shouldn't have trusted you!!" She aggravated and she ran back inside.

     "Rachel what was that for?! What just happened?!" I yelled.

     "Oh come on Thomas wouldn't you much rather go out with someone like me?" she said innocently as she wrapped her arms around my neck and played with the back of my hair.

     "No get off of me!" I ran inside to try to catch up to Reagan. I can't believe Rachel would be that shallow to do something like that.

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