Averi's Idea Box

This Is just a collection of the random ideas I get!


8. Strong

Title: Strong {Zayn Malik} Book Three in 1D Independent Series

Genre: Fan Fiction//Romance

General Idea: Cameron Blue has always had self-esteem issues. She has always thought that other girls were prettier, smarter and nicer than she would ever be. It's something she has always believed and she has learned how to deal with it....for the most part. But when Cameron loses her mother to cancer and has to watch her father break and her little brother lose the little bit of hope he has for surviving his own cancer diagnosis, it plunges her into a world of more depression that she can handle and she finds herself needing a reason to live. And that reason appears to her in the form of Zayn Malik. World-famous boy band member, notorious for his chiseled looks and singing ability, Zayn gives Cameron strength as she tries to overcome depression and every obstacle live happens to throw at her with Zayn right by her side.

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