Averi's Idea Box

This Is just a collection of the random ideas I get!


1. The Choice

~~Idea One

Title- The Choice (book one in the Decisions trilogy) •note-don't know if it's going to be a trilogy or just one book•

Genre- Dystopian/Adventure

A world without choice.

If you lived like that, never being able to be yourself, never being able to choose who you marry, what you do as a living, what movies you are allowed to watch and the music you can listen to. It's all controlled by them.

By them, I mean the Controllers. The people who rule this world and all the choices are left up to them to decide. No one is allowed to choose for themselves about anything at all. Absolutely everything is up to them. Things like what kind of toothpaste you use all the way to who you marry and what you name your children. Heck, they even decide how many you have and when you are going to have them. There's absolutely no choice.

Adelaide Johnson.

At first glance, she seems like the innocent and sweet type. The type who listens to everything she's told without a second thought. But underneath the part that listens to everyone and obeys, there's a part of her that wants something more than what the world allows her to have. She wants a choice. Will she admit it? Heck no. But when Adelaide finds out about The Choice, the worlds secret society of rebels, she is intrigued. But she soon finds out that if she ever wants to have a choice, she will have to make the biggest decision she has ever had to face. Join The Choice and leave her family behind, or stay with her family and continue to live her life the way the Controllers want it.


So this is a random idea I came up with. Does it sound interesting or not? Write it or don't write it? Also, it may or may not be a fanfiction.... haven't decided! ALSO I want several different POV's so I may have some co-authors! Don't know yet! GIVE ME FEEDBACK LOVES!(:

P.S. DO NOT STEAL ANY IDEA! I came up with them therefore they are MINE whether I write it or not.

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