Adopted. (1D and LM)

I suck at these so just read.



7. Seven



I heard talking downstairs when I woke up. I sat on the edge of my bed. Jade walked in. I guess they stayed the night.

"Good morning, beauts."

I rubbed my eyes and walked over to her. "Wait right here. Let me brush my teeth and I'll show you something."

she nodded. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I took my iPhone out of my pillowcase. That's where I keep it. I closed my door and went back over to Jade. She raised her eyebrow but didn't question anything. I pulled up a video of me singing their song 'Towers'. I hit the play button and turned it up just a bit so that they couldn't hear downstairs.

"Oh my gosh. You are amazing!" Jade said and smiled widely.

"Thanks." I smiled back, "but don't tell anyone please. I was planning to show them later." she nodded and we went downstairs. I was still in my pajamas but whatever.

"Hello, my loves!" I yelled when I came down.

"What would you think about going to school?" Perrie asked.

"Well hello to you too. I wouldn't want to go." I said plainly.

"Okay. That's fine. Now you have to spend more time with me."

"Good. I like spending time with you. But Jade is my favourite." I giggled.

"No. Jade is my favourite. Hands off, Kylee." she said, trying too hard to be serious.

"Fine. Then Zayn is mine." I went over to Zayn and got on his back.

"Woah there. Let's trade back." She laughed. We switched.

"I really would like ice cream. Can we get some, mummy?" I used my puppy dog eyes.

"Aw, you look so cute! I'm up for ice cream. Who else?" Perrie said. Everyone agreed except Jesy.

"Jesy, come upstairs with me for a second." I said and walked upstairs with her.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I feel like you don't like me." she sighed.

"No! I love you just as much. I promise. We could do something together, just me and you, if it makes you feel better." I smiled.

"Thanks. Let's go get some ice cream then!" We ran back downstairs and got in the car. We pulled into an ice cream place that I hadn't heard of. I got a regular cone with 4 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

"YOLO." I said making everyone laugh. I sighed.

"You okay?" Leigh asked.

"Yeah. I just miss my friend Koral. That's all."

"Oh. Okay." She smiled at Perrie. What are they up to?

"Perrie, where'd Zayn go?" I asked.

"Nowhere. He's in the car. Why don't you go get him." She smiled at the other girls.

".... okaaaay." I curiously looked at them and walked out. I went over to the car and got in the passenger seat.

"Perrie would like you to come inside. She told me to get you."

"Okay. First, look behind you." I looked in the seat behind me to see Koral. I jumped out of the car and Koral did too. We hugged forever and then walked inside. I went back over to Perrie.

"Did you plan this?" I asked.

"Jesy, Jade, Leigh, Zayn, and I have been planning it for a few days.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I hugged them all, including Zayn since he had finally came in. This is amazing.

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