Adopted. (1D and LM)

I suck at these so just read.



10. Chapter Ten



It's been a week since the whole Louis thing. We've basically all sat at home watching movies. By all of us I mean Perrie, Jade, Jesy, Leigh, Koral, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and me. I sat on Perrie's lap and Koral was on Jade's. Everyone was scattered all around the room.

"Can we go do something today? It doesn't matter what." I asked.

"Sure. What would everybody like to do? Zayn, Jesy, and Leigh will each think of something and we will vote for our favourites." She said.

"Okay." Leigh started thinking.

"Ooh! I got mine. I think we should go to the little amusement park downtown." Jade replied, excitedly. That sounds fun actually.

"I don't really know. Maybe we could go shopping. The amusement park sounds better though." Leigh replied.

"How about the lads and I go do our thing and you girls can do what you want." Zayn offered.

"Okay, but what are you guys going to do?" Perrie asked. He shrugged.

"I'll let you know later." He smiled. He's totally hiding something from one of us.

"I'm up for the amusement park and shopping. I'm stuck." I laughed.

"Well, then let's go to the amusement park and then go shopping and maybe have dinner, too!" Jesy smiled hugely. We nodded and went to get changed. I was so happy. Not because of all the stuff, that made me happy too, but it was for another reason. I had to get it out. I changed into Aztec print leggings and a plain white, baggy sweater. I had on black vans. Like always. I ran downstairs to see everyone ready.

"GUYS GUESS WHAT?" I yelled.

"I've noticed you've been happier than usual.. So what is it?" Perrie asked.

"CHER LLOYD GOT MARRIED. OKAY. OKAY. I need to calm down. But I can't. But oh my gosh. It's just like amazing. They're perfect. I can't do it." I ran around the house screaming.

"Aw yay! So, I'm guessing you like her?"

"Mhm. A lot. Little Mix is my first and she's second." I smiled at Perrie.

"Would you like her number?" Perrie asked. I froze. I slowly turned around to actually face her.


"Do you want her number?" she repeated. I lost it. I screamed so loud. Now I'm sure everybody's ears hurt.

"I wouldn't want to bother her." I said when I had finally calmed down.

"I'll ask her about it. Lets get going. I just realised we've got almost the same thing on except my leggings are plain black." She smiled at me.

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