Adopted. (1D and LM)

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49. 46



We had gotten Sara to the hospital and she had gotten the tracker removed. We also gave her a plane back to Australia and she thanked us so many times. We drove back to the hotel to find Caitlin and Debbie (Their mum) in some beach chairs on the little balcony.

"Caaaitliiiinn!" I yelled and ran over to her. I sat on her lap and we just talked for a while. Perrie, Zayn, and Debbie had gone back into their rooms. We were actually on Perrie and Zayn's balcony. It was about 6 PM and it was about to start getting dark out.

"Let's head in and eat. I'm starved." She laughed and I stood up. I held out my hand and yanked her up. She walked before me and opened the sliding doors. Perrie and Zayn were cuddled on the bed watching a movie.

"Yo' Pez." I have no idea why I said that.

"Wh-what?" She asked, laughing. Zayn laughed a bit too.

"I'm hungry. I need fooood." She nodded quickly and pulled out some money, "I'll come with. Zayn, are you coming?"

"I'll stay. Could you just get me some fish and chips or pizza?" She nodded and then Caitlin, Perrie, and I were headed back down to the lobby.

We were back maybe ten or so minutes later. "Here you go, Zaynie." I pulled his food out of the bag and handed it to him across the small table. "Thanks." He smiled and started eating.

"Be right back." I shouted whilst walking out of their room and down the hall to me and Caitlin's. I went in and got my phone and then went back to Zayn, Perrie, and Caitlin. Debbie had joined them and was sitting at the table. I found a chair and brought it next to Perrie. I figured I'd call Parker now even though it will probably be awkward since everyone's around me.

P-Parker   K-Kylee

*ring ring ring*

K- hey!

P- hey, babe, how are you?

K- great, you? We just got dinner and I'm talking to you in front of everyone, but anything for you.

P- I'm good. It's so boring here without you.

K- Aw, well we'll be back soon.

P- I can't wait to see your gorgeous face.

K- *laughs and blushes* I could say the same to you. I'm going to finish eating now. I love you!

P- I love you more.

I laughed and hung up. They were all looking at me. Of course Perrie was about to jump out of her seat.

"Oooh, someone was talking to their boyfriend." Caitlin teased. I shot her a glare and continued eating. Debbie was smiling excitedly, just like Perrie.

"Stop staring at me!" I was actually embarrassed. Zayn laughed which made Perrie laugh.

"You're lucky I love you guys tons because otherwise this would be the end of yous."

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