Adopted. (1D and LM)

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40. 39


Jade and Koral are here, Leigh and Jesy are on their way as well as the boys. I really want to go have a walk on the beach with Parker or Perrie or anyone really.

"Zayn, do you mind if Parker joins us?" I asked. He shrugged and said if it was okay with Perrie, then it was okay with him. I walked over to Perrie and asked about Parker.

"Sure." She smiled weakly and hugged me. It was a long hug. But it never got awkward. It was a just a comforting hug. I knew something was wrong but it was better not to ask right now. A few tears slipped down my cheeks. I don't know why exactly. I could feel a creepy, sad tension in the room. After a few more minutes, I went upstairs to tell Parker he could come over if he would like too.

From: •Mine•

'Sure be there soon<3'

I smiled at the text. I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling wondering what was wrong. I heard a doorbell a little later, then footsteps on the wood staircase, and then my door opened revealing Parker. I sat up and he sat beside me. I hugged him and just basically broke down. I really have nothing to be upset about, but knowing that there's something wrong with Perrie or Zayn or anyone is really getting to me. I'll ask what's wrong later. I cried on his shoulder while he rubbed my back and said things to calm me down.

**10 minutes later**

I had finally pulled myself together and gotten my eyes to get back to normal; not red or puffy anymore. Parker let me get on his back and he carried me downstairs. Perrie and Zayn were on the couch right next to each other. The boys, Koral, Jade, Leigh, and Jesy were spread all around. I went and got on the other side of Zayn and cuddled into his chest. He put his arm around me as I stared at the floor. I looked over to Perrie, but she caught my gaze and looked right back at me. She mouthed 'it'll be okay.' I nodded slightly and turned back to the floor. Leigh and Perrie got up to finish cooking. This was quite hard for them because they don't cook much.

**Its now 7:30 pm**

"Dinner is ready!" Leigh said from the kitchen. I got off of Zayn and he went to the dining area. Parker helped me up and to the kitchen. I walked with my arm around his waist and my head leaning on his shoulder. We all go our food and sat down at the table. There was laughter and talking all around except for me. I was just picking at my food and shuffling it around the plate. Sure, I'm hungry and I want to eat, I'm just so upset and curious that I can't. Perrie looked at me and mouthed 'bathroom' and then she got up and walked towards the bathroom door. I casually got up and followed her. She closed the door and locked it. You'll never believe what she said..

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