Adopted. (1D and LM)

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37. 37



We've decided to go to a little beach and then do some shopping.

"Wait, let me get Starbucks because I might be obsessed." I held up my hand and walked inside. I ordered a vanilla frappuccino and then met Katie and Koral outside. They were laughing at something.

"What are you laughing at?"

"When you went inside, Koral was walking to the bench and she tripped and fell." Katie said still laughing. I laughed along with them. About five minutes later, we headed back to Perrie and Zayn's house. I had to give Katie a bathing suit and Koral got one from her and Jade and Sam's house since it was next door. We put on shorts and t-shirts over our bathing suits.

"See you guys later!" I said, hugging Perrie and Zayn. Koral and Katie hugged them too before we left.

*Skip Walk*


We are currently sitting on the beach. We decided to go to the public beach because it's more fun when you can meet new people. I finally figured out how to do a messy bun, so I put my hair up in one and tied the hair tie around it. Koral and I are going in the water and Katie wanted to stay on the beach to tan. We stayed in the water for about twenty minutes, splashing, dunking, and anything else we could to aggravate the other. Koral never dunked me though because I would always fight her back until she ended up under water.

"Koral! Kylee! Come here!" Katie yelled to us. We scrambled out of the water. I pulled my top up since it was strapless and it tended to fall down quite a bit. I saw some guy standing next to Katie and I could see someone behind him. The one behind him looked familiar. I wonder who-

"This is my boyfriend Jake! And Parker is here too!" Katie said, disturbing my thoughts completely. I ran faster with Koral trailing behind me. I hugged Parker as right as I could and gave Jake a friendly hug. We sat down on our towels. Parker was laid down on his back. I was on top of him, on my stomach. Katie was sat on Jake's lap. I feel like this might offend Koral because she's the only one without a boyfriend. She's definitely pretty enough to get one. Heck, she could get a million.

"How long have you two been dating?" Jake asked me.

"I don't know. Babe, how long?" Of course I knew. It hadn't been that long.

"Three weeks and four days." He smiled at me. I'm surprised he remembered, but I'm also glad he did.

"I didn't think you'd remember that."

"Maybe I deserve a kiss." I smiled and pecked his lips. Katie held back a laugh.

"I can hear you, Katie." She laughed along with Koral. Parker, Jake, and I didn't exactly understand why that was so funny.

**Skip Rest of Beach and Shopping**


We went shopping with Parker and Jake. It was just a quick shop. I got a few more pairs of spandex and tank tops, mostly for cheer. Now a are at the house (Zayn and Perrie's) and we've all taken showers except me. I stripped and got in the shower. I started singing Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J. I finished about ten minutes later. I have cheer. I'd forgotten that. I guess I'll have to take another shower. Oh well. I put my spandex on and on of my baggy tanktops. My hair was in a high ponytail and I put on my cheer shoes. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. Everyone stared at me. "Why are you all staring at me?" I asked, curiously. Jade, Jesy, and Leigh came out of the corner and also stared at me. I was irritated, but didn't show it. Instead, I went and plopped down on the couch.

"I have cheer soon. So, if you'd like to all stop staring and take me there, that'd be appreciated." Perrie was the first to start laughing.. Then Jade.. Then Leigh.. And soon everyone was laughing.

"We were just seeing what you would do if we stared at you." Perrie said. I sent her a glare. I picked my phone up again and dialed a number. I looked at Perrie. She smiled and answered.

P- Perrie

K- Kylee

P-hello, who's this?

K- I don't know but take me to cheer.

P- yes ma'am.

K- bye.

And I hung up. She looked at me like 'well then..' and then motioned everyone to the door. I guess they're all coming to watch. This'll be interesting.

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