Adopted. (1D and LM)

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33. 33



Ah, a new day. I believe we are going to the waterpark today. Just Parker, Perrie, Zayn, and me.

"Get up!" I yelled in Parker's ear. He shot up and scolded me for waking him.

"I'm not getting up unless you do that a different way." He laid back down and closed his eyes. I knew what he wanted; a kiss. So, I bent down and placed my lips on his. He kissed back until I pulled away and smiled.

"Can you get up now?"

"Yes." He had his shirt off and I could see his abs. Parker wrapped his arms around my waist. I ducked down and ran around to his back and jumped on. He carried me downstairs. He was so warm. Perrie giggled when she saw us.

"At least Zayn's not the only guy that's shirtless in the house." I laughed silently at her comment.

"Ha-ha very funny." Zayn said while flicking through channels on the telly.

"We've to do what we've to do to get the ladies." Parker said.

"I better be your only lady, Parker Ray Campbell."

"You are, Kylee Louise Edwards." We sat down on the couch with Zayn and Perrie. We talked for a while and then Perrie said, "Kylee and I are going to get ready. We take longer, anyway."

*In Kylee's Bedroom*

"Okay, let's find what you can wear." I was sat on my bed, waiting for Perrie to pick something out. She threw me a blue bikini; it was a strapless ruffles top. She threw me some flats, a tank top, and some shorts.

"I think I could've managed to do that myself, but thanks, mummy." I hugged her and she left to let me change.

*Back In Livingroom*

Everybody is ready. I put my hair in a side braid.

"Leggo." We walked out to the car and I got in the back with Parker. I can't wait to go on the water slides. We talked and sang to the radio on the way there. It was the best car ride I'd ever taken. Usually, they're boring and nobody talks or everyone is talking about boring things. But not Perrie, Zayn, and Parker. They talk about the most random things. It's so much fun.

*In The Waterpark*

We got our tickets and are now setting out our towels. Well, Perrie and I are. Zayn and Parker went to ride slides.

"I feel so pale." I said looking at my arms.

"I'm the pale one here." Perrie laughed.

"Yeah, you are." I agreed playfully. She looked at me and then burst out laughing. She calmed down a minute later. We laid on our towels and I closed my eyes. It was so relaxing.

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