Adopted. (1D and LM)

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26. 26



"I really don't want her to do cheerleading. People might call her even more names." Zayn told me.

"I know. But it makes her so happy and she's really good at it. She knows to come to Jade or me if she has a problem." He didn't say anything. We have been looking at each others lips the whole time. He leaned down and kissed me.

"I love you, Perrie Louise Edwards." Zayn said when we broke apart.

"I love you too, Zayn." I smiled.

"What have you been doing the last few weeks? Kylee said she knows but she won't tell me."

"I can't tell you either. You'll have to wait and see for yourself, babe." I groaned and walked up to our bedroom with Zayn following me. We got under the duvet and I put my head on his chest. His heart beat evened out and his breathing slowed a bit. He's definitely asleep. I fell asleep about an hour later.


*At breakfast*

"Kylee, how many pancakes? Or are you even going to eat any?" Perrie asked with doubt in her eyes.

"Two." She looked shocked.

"It's only for cheer. I'm not allowed to go in there like this. People will notice and they might accuse you of being a bad person." I added.

"Yeah, I guess that's true. I just realised you don't have the same accent as me. Are you Australian?" I laughed.

"That took you a while. And yes, my parents were from Australia so they had the accent but I've always been here in England. I talk like a British person- like with the words rubbish and things like that- but I have an Australian accent."

"Oh, I like it though. It's cute." She smiled.

"I like yours, mum. We should go to this trampoline place. It's like a warehouse but obviously cleaner and it's filled with trampolines. It's so much fun. At least, it looks fun. I've never been." I pleaded.

"That sounds fun. Would you like to take Koral?"

"No, she's mad at me because I was talking to Katie at my party. I called her and Koral over to talk and when I was talking to Katie, Koral left and got mad at me. Can it just be you and I?" I asked.

"Oh, that's weird. Maybe she talked to Jade about it. I'll ask. And sure, it's just you and I then."

"We'll have to go when I get back from being with Cher. We can go straight to cheer after."

"Okay. Let's get you ready." I took my other pancake upstairs and ate it while Perrie picked out my outfit.

"I feel like a three year old who can't pick out her own clothes, but I like when you pick them." I giggled a bit.

"I'm thinking this dress with these shoes." Perrie said, holding up a light pink strapless dress and black flats with bows on the toes. It was one of those dresses-tight at the top and a bit fluffy from the waist down. They were my favourite kind.

"My arms." I said.

"Oh, right. We can use makeup for that. Go change." I changed into a bandeau (strapless bra) and put the dress on with my shoes. Perrie made me sit while she curled my hair and out a bit of mascara on my eyelashes. Then she put make up on my arm. The doorbell rang and I ran downstairs with my phone since that's all I needed. I opened the door and saw Cher. I hugged her while trying to contain my excitement.

"Bye, mum. I love you so much." Perrie hugged me, "I love you too. Have fun!" And then she closed the door. It was currently 10:30 AM.

"I saw the picture of your arm. Perrie told me all about it." Cher said at an attempt to break the silence.

"Yeah, it's just been hard." She nodded.

"Tell me a bit more about yourself. Favourite colours, food, hobby, anything like that."

"Well, I like light blue and light pink, my favourite food is Perrie's pancakes now, and my hobby is singing. Oh, and I just joined the cheer team at Rustys. And you and I share a birthday, I'm 15."

"So, you sing? I must hear it sometime. I'm 15 too!" She joked. I laughed.

"No, Cher, you're 20. I've a video on my phone that I'll send to you if you'd like to hear me sing. It's one if Little Mix's songs." She nodded and smiled big. I can't believe I'm actually with Cher Lloyd right now. It's a dream come true. Actually, I've had quite a few dreams come true and also some nightmares, but there's always colour on a dark path.

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