Adopted. (1D and LM)

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23. 23



Everyone stayed the night, except Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam. When I woke up, I checked Koral's twitter. She's the type of person who will tweet something about you, but not put your name.

@koral_thirlwall12: 'some of my "best friends" think it's fun to replace me in the blink of an eye.'

Yep, that's directed at me. Whatever.

"Parker!" I yelled into his ear. He shot up, " What's wrong?!" I laughed.

"Nothing. I just wanted you to get up." I brushed my teeth and so did Parker, then we went to Perrie and Zayn's door and knock really loudly. I heard footsteps a minute later and it was Perrie.

"Mummy!" I jumped on her back.

"Damn, you weigh nothing. Get on Parker's back." I got on his back.

"You are really light." They looked at each other.

"A-Are you an-anorexic?" Perrie asked; she had tears in her eyes.

"Parker, could you give us a minute?" I asked. He nodded and went up to my room.

"Yes, I am." I said after a minute of hesitation. Perrie bursted into tears. I hugged her and we cried together.

"You don't look anorexic."

"Perrie, it's gotten much worse." I pulled up my shirt. My ribs stuck out and I had a huge thigh gap, yet I still think I'm fat.

"Oh my God." That made her cry more.

"I'm so sorry, Perrie. I can't help it. I need help."

"I know you can't. Try?"

"I always try. Will you help me?" I looked up at her. She nodded, "Of course I will." I smiled slightly.

"I guess we should start now." I nodded.

"We can go get lunch. If I eat, I'm eating healthy only." Perrie sighed, but didn't argue.

"Parker!" I yelled.

"Coming." He ran down the stairs and picked me up, bridal style.

"I love you."

"I love you too." I smiled.

"Perrie, don't you want Zayn to come?" I offered.

"No, it's okay. I'd rather it be just us three." I held her hand and Parker's hand since we were walking. I made them. It wasn't a long walk, just a few minutes. We arrived at a little restaurant. The waiter showed us to our table and I sat next to Perrie. Parker wanted me to. Her hand was on my knee and my hand was on hers.

"You know I'm not doing this to hurt you, right?"

"I know. What are you going to eat?" She asked.

"Salad." Perrie sighed. I moved and sat on her lap and leaned against her. She had her arms around me, like any mum would do. I kissed her cheek.

"I love you, mummy." She smiled. Her smile lights up the whole room. We ordered and our food arrived a few minutes later. I sat back on the booth and ate quickly. I have to eat quickly because if I eat slow, I'll never finish. It was hard to keep my food down, but I managed, just barely though. Perrie had chicken and macaroni. Parker had a burger.

"That was good."

"That's because that's the only real meal you've had in ages." Perrie replied.

"I know. I'm trying." Parker finished eating, then Perrie.

"Would you like any dessert?" The waiter asked.

"Can I have one cookie? One of the big ones." Perrie said. Parker didn't want anything, neither did I. The waiter came back with a cookie. It was quite big.

"Okay, Kylee, eat." I thought this was for her. I'm not going to get out of this. I ate it slowly and only left a bite or two.

"I'm done."

"Yay! I didn't think you we're going to eat it, but I'm super glad you did." Perrie smiled.

@kylee_edwards: 'I can do this. I love you<3 @littlemixoffic'

Perrie's phone made a notification sound and she looked at my tweet and smiled at me.

"I'm glad you're smiling now." We were walking home and Parker and I are holding hands. So are Perrie and I. There are paps everywhere taking pictures. Perrie told Parker and I to always smile when they're around. So, we all did. We reached the house and went inside.

"I've to go in a minute." Parker said. I nodded. He collected his clothes, have me a kiss on the cheek, and then left. Zayn was out with the lads so it's just Perrie and me. I love when it's just her and I because I can talk about anything.

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