Adopted. (1D and LM)

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21. 21



We're about to go to the interview. Parker is coming! I'm wearing green short shorts and a plain black crop top and of course, my black vans. I was the first in the car and then Parker and then everyone else. It was cramped but not too bad.

*Skip Ride*

It only took five minutes to get there. It was a radio station, I'm guessing. Perrie held me hand and led me in. They had to pull extra seats for Parker and I. Jade was in the corner, then Jesy, Leigh, Perrie, me, and Parker. I'm actually really excited.

"Hello everyone listening. We have Little Mix here! Who are these two? Perrie is this your daughter?" the radio guy said. He was speaking into a microphone.

"Yes. Her name is Kylee. And that's her boyfriend, Parker."

"Okay, and you said you adopted her, correct?" Perrie nodded.

"So now we are going to play a game. I'll say something, you'll each have notecards with everyone's names on them, and whichever person is mostly likely to do what I say, is the card you hold up." He passed out the cards.

"Most likely to fall asleep."

Everyone held up 'Kylee', including myself.

"Most likely to get confused easily."

I help up Perrie and so did Parker and Jade. Jesy and Leigh held up 'Kylee.' Perrie held up herself too.

This game was actually entertaining. We did a few more.

"Most likely to kiss in front of people." Everybody held up Parker, but he held up my name.

"Hey!" I smacked his arm playfully, "You're lucky I love you."

*Skip The Rest Of Interview*

"That was fun." I said as we got in the car.

"I liked the part where you said you love Parker." Jesy smiled and looked back at me.

"Me too!" Parker agreed. I giggled.

"There's just something about the boy." I smiled.

"I see what you did there." Leigh said.

"Can we get McDonalds?" I asked, mostly to Perrie, since she was driving.

"Sure. Anything for my favourite."

"I thought I was your favourite!" Jade yelled.

"Sorry, Poopey." I laughed. I looked at Parker and he was staring at me. He cupped my face and pulled me to him. I forgot we were in a car and so I kissed him. He kissed back.

"Still here!" Perrie said. I blushed. I can't believe I just did that. Facepalm.

"Oh my gosh! I hate you for being so cute." I said to Parker.

"That's how my mom and dad made me."

"Oh my gosh! Shut up, you ass."

"Oh, that hurt my feelings. Mommy, Kylee's being mean to me." He whined to Perrie.

"I'm sorry. I love you." I hugged him, awkwardly since we were in a car.

"I love you too."

"Aww." Jade gushed. I gave her a glare and she put her hands up.

"What do you want from McDonalds?"

"French fries."

"Okay." Perrie said. She ordered it and when we pulled up to the window I saw a girl about 18 looking at Perrie, smiling.

"You're Perrie Edwards! And Jesy and Leigh and Jade and Kylee and Parker!" She whisper-yelled. I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and got everyone to sign it.

"Here, Perrie. Sign this and give it to her." She signed it and gave it to the girl. The girl smiled, "Thank you so much! Here are your fries."

"Thanks. Do you have a twitter?" Perrie asked. She nodded, "It's @amberleemaybelle01." I wrote it down. Perrie nodded.

"See you! Check your twitter later!" I yelled as we were pulling away. I love when I see a fan of Perrie's. It makes me so happy and proud that my mum is famous. I couldn't be happier with her.

*Skip Ride*

We pulled up to the house. There was tons of lights and balloons and cars. I smiled.

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