Adopted. (1D and LM)

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18. 18



We did the London Eye and now we are eating lunch.

"Hey, look. It's the cutter." A girl snickered. Her friend laughed along.

"Get away." I said. They laughed and walked away.

"I can't believe they did that." Jade said.

"I can't believe they did it in front of me." Perrie said, staring into space. Her and Jade were sitting on one booth and Parker and I were in the other. I pulled my phone out and went on Twitter.

kylee_edwards: 'I'm really quite sick of people. Good thing I have my @LittleMixOffic girls and my @Parker_campbell3 I love you guys. <3'

Our food arrived. I got chicken salad. We ate quickly, so we could get out of there without anybody else bothering me.

"That was good." I told Perrie. She nodded. We got in Jade's car since she had driven us. Perrie says she's bad at it, but she drives me places anyway.

*Skip Car Ride*

I'm currently laying on my bed with Parker on my left. I'm on my stomach so I can write songs. Nobody knows I write songs. Parker was texting or something, so he never saw me writing.

"I'm going to get a glass of water. Do you need anything?"

"No thanks." I shook my head. He walked out the door. I continued writing and I finally finished a few minutes later. I went downstairs. Zayn and Parker were talking on the couch and Perrie was standing next to the kitchen counter. Jade went home earlier.

"What's up, buttercup?" She smiled at me. I shrugged.

"Nothing. I just finished upstairs. So I came down."

"What were you doing?"

"That's for me to know." I winked.

"Maybe I'll go look."

"What if I hid it?"

"I'll find it." She ran upstairs.

"If you find it, you'll be the only one to know! Good luck!" I yelled after her. I slowly followed her up the stairs. I was sat on my bed when Perrie shouted, "Is this it?" She held up my notebook with all my songs in it.

"Shit, you found it!"

"Yay! Now I can look through it." I sighed. I did say she could look through it if she found it.

"These are really good! I like this one." She pointed to the one I had just finished. It was called 'Let Me Go'.

((the original song is Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne.. pretend Kylee wrote it))

"That's the one I wrote today."

"You wrote it in one day?"

"Yeah, I did it this morning." I smiled.

"That was fast. You should help the girls and I write some songs for the next album we make."

"I'd love to. I guess you'd have to show the girls my notebook."

"Yes, I would. We are going to the studio tomorrow if you want to come. You can bring Parker. Koral will be there."

"I'll come! I can ask Parker in a minute." I smiled. "Parker, would you want to come to the studio with me tomorrow?"

"Sure, babe!" He yelled back. I smiled and Perrie smiled.

**Next Day**

I'm in the car with Jesy, Leigh, Parker, Koral, Jade, and Perrie. I'm sitting on Parker's lap because we were short one seat.

"Parker, this is my best friend, Koral. Koral, this is my boyfriend, Parker."

They said hello to each other. Koral looked really happy when I said he was my boyfriend.

We are now in the studio. Perrie is making me sing in the booth even though I told her I didn't want to. I was singing 'Let Me Go.'

"Love that once hung on the wall

used to mean something, but now it means nothing

The echoes are gone in the hall

But I still remember the pain of Decmember...."

"You said she wrote this, Perrie?" Simon asked. He wanted to meet me so he came today.

"Yes, she did. It's in her song book." I gave her a glare, but she kept talking.

"Nobody knows about it. But now you guys do." I said. Simon nodded.

"I think she should come and help write songs and sing in some too. She's very good at both." He said. I about screamed. Simon Cowell just said I was a good singer! Parker hugged me and so did Koral.

We went home after the girls recorded some of their songs.

*Skip Ride*

"Let's play Spin The Bottle!" Jesy offered. Everyone agreed to we sat in a circle. It landed on me, of course.

"Ooh, okay! Kylee, do seven minutes in heaven with Parker." Jesy said. I looked at Perrie. She shrugged. Parker and I walked into the closet since Jesy made us. They started the time. Parker leaned down and kissed me. It was basically a make out session. He pushed me against the wall and I had my arms around his neck.

"Time's up!" Leigh said. That was faster than I expected. We walked out and sat back in our circle. Perrie looked a bit under the weather.

"Hey, Perrie, come here." I said, getting up to go to the guest room. She followed me and I locked the door behind her.

"What's wrong? You look a bit under the weather. Are you okay?" I asked. I was worried, she was always happy.

"Just people is all. Mostly twitter."

She pulled out her phone and showed me some of the mean comments.

"Usually they don't bother you though."

"I know. But one really got to me. I think it was one of those snobs from the other day."

"What'd she say?" I asked. She showed me a tweet.

'@LittleMixOffic Kylee deserves to die. She's nothing. She's useless an everyone hates her. You had to pick the ugly one.'

"Oh." Was all I could say.

"It's okay. I won't let it bother me. I love you, Perrie." I added.

"You're none of those things. Believe me. I love you too, Kylee." We went back downstairs and about an hour later, everyone crashed on the floor. Perrie cuddled up to Zayn and I cuddled up to Parker. I can't let it get to me. For Perrie.

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