Adopted. (1D and LM)

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17. 17



I woke up on the couch.

*Skip Breakfast*

Perrie told me that we were going for a walk. I don't really know where. I put on pastel green short shorts and a blue baggy tank top. My arm was bandaged. It looked suspicious, but I didn't want to wear long sleeves. I put my hair in a messy bun. I had on my black vans. I walked downstairs and saw Perrie and Jade.

"I'm ready, bitches!"

"You're crazy. Come on. Jade is coming because she knows all about you. Except about yesterday." Perrie said. I nodded. I held their hands and we started walking down the road.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Where I used to go to think."

"Oh, okay. You came here when you were younger?"

"Yes." Perrie answered.

"You know that song. About The Boy?"

"Well, yes. I helped write it."

"I love your high note in that." I smiled to Perrie. She smiled back. We turned a corner into the woods and walked a bit more.

"We're here." Jade said. It was a little pond and had some sand surrounding it.

"How'd you know where it was?" I asked.

"Perrie took me here when I was having rough times." I nodded. We sat on the sand.

"So, what's up?" Jade asked.

"Kylee can tell you."

"I woke up and Parker, my boyfriend, was there and we went to eat breakfast. I didn't want to. I couldn't make myself because it was kind of a relapse. Perrie begged me to, but I couldn't. She went upstairs and I walked to her door and heard her crying. I felt bad. I always feel I make people sad; always hurt them. I ran upstairs and locked my door. I let all my feelings out on my arm. Perrie doesn't know where I hide my razors. Nobody does. And now my arm looks like this." I took the bandages off and showed Jade my arm. I saw a flash.

"No. Was that a paparazzi?" I asked, panicking. Jade nodded.

"I hate them. Now everybody is going to know!" I started crying.

"It'll be okay, babe. You can get through this. We're all here for you." Jade smiled. I hugged her. We walked back to the house, luckily with no paparazzi. But, of course, there had to be that one that followed us and saw my arm. When we got home, that picture was everywhere. I sighed, frustrated.

'Ew. It's bad enough that @kylee_edwards is ugly. but now she's cutting for attention. gross.'

'@kylee_edwards you're a stupid fat bitch. just die in a hole. no one will miss you. not even Perrie.'

That one hurt me the most. The others didn't really affect me.

"Perrie, would you miss me if I killed myself? This person says you wouldn't."

"Of course I would! I love you. If you killed yourself, I'd never be the same Perrie. Nobody would be themselves."

"Okay, thanks." I went and sat beside Jade on the couch.

From: •Parker•

'Is that really your arm?!'

To: •Parker•

'uh... yeah.'

From: •Parker•

'I'm coming over so we can talk. And I miss you.'

I was about to answer when the doorbell rang. I got up and opened the door. Parker was there.

"How'd you get here so quick?" I asked.

"I don't live that far from you. I ran." I nodded. We walked over to the couch. Perrie and Jade were talking. I guess Zayn was out and about. I told Parker everything I'd told Perrie and Jade. They helped me say some things when I got emotional. He wrapped me up in his arms and I had my head resting on his shoulder.

"Aww." Perrie gushed.

"Drop it, Perrie. I have more pictures of you and Zayn that you don't know about." Her jaw dropped.

"How do you do it?"

"It's my secret." I smiled at Parker. He leaned down and we kissed. It wasn't long, but it wasn't short. I felt Jade get off the couch. We broke apart.

"Aha! I got you." Perrie laughed. It was Parker and I kissing with Jade smiling in the back with her thumbs up. I hid my face in the couch.

"Now we both have revenge. I might post this anyway." Perrie said.

"No. I don't want Parker getting hate too!"

"He won't. I got your back and his."

"Okay. Since I know you're dying to put it on twitter, go ahead."

LittleMixOffic: 'My baby and her boy. So sweet. @kylee_edwards @parker_campbell3 <3

-link to picture-'

I laughed. "Are we doing anything today?"

"We can. I don't know what though." Perrie replied. She was texting on her phone.

"Can we go to the London Eye? I've never been before."

"Yes! That sounds fun. What's Koral doing, Jade?"

"She doesn't feel good, so she stayed home. Just a bit under the weather is all." Jade answered. I frowned.

"Oh. Tell her I hope she gets better." I said.

"I will." After talking a few minutes, we left to go to the London Eye.

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