Adopted. (1D and LM)

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14. 14



I'm not the best at keeping secrets, so this should be interesting.

"Who were you texting?"

"Uh.. Jaylan." Lie.

"Sure. I know your pass code, I could just look."

"Okay, but I know something you don't." I winked.

"What is it?"

"You can't know. If you look at my phone, I'll never tell you."

"Ugh, okay." That was close. She handed me a bowl of pasta. Our version is just plain noodles with cheese. I stared at the food. I

wanted to eat it, but I would regret it. I ate about half of it for Perrie and out the rest in the fridge.

"Aren't you hungry?" She asked. Zayn walked in the door before I could answer. I looked at her and mouthed 'relapse'. She nodded. I think she had a tear rolling down her cheek. I walked to her and hugged her.

"Hello, my favourites." Zayn smiled.

"Zayn, could you give us a minute?" I asked, politely. He nodded, a look of confusion on his face, and walked upstairs.

"Don't worry. I'm not going upstairs to get it out of my system. It's just depression that's coming back to me." I smiled, weakly, and sat on her lap.

"Can I come out now?" I forgot Zayn was even here. Perrie started laughing. I kissed her cheek and hopped down to the floor.

"Yes! Come say hello to future Mrs. Malik!" I yelled to him. He ran down the stairs and kissed Perrie. They're perfect for each other.

"Still here." I laughed. They broke apart.

"Perrie, does he know about.." She thought for a minute and then her face lit up with recognition of what I was talking about.

"No, I don't think." I nodded. Zayn wanted to ask, but he didn't.

"Okay, then. And Kylee, Perrie doesn't know about..."

"Nope." I smiled at Perrie.

"Tell me!" She pouted.

"Sorry, babe. We can't." Zayn smirked. She stomped her feet.

"Aw, Perrie's upset. I love you, mummy."

"I love you too, Kylee. But, Zaynie, you're sleeping on the couch. Kylee will sleep with me." She hugged me. I laughed.

"Okay, then. I'm going to go to my room. You're welcome to come in I'd you'd like." They nodded. I smiled, an evil smile.

"Or you can stay down here and 'talk'." I said putting quotations around 'talk'. Perrie blushed. I ran upstairs and decided to text Jaylan.

To: •Jaylan•

'Hey! Wanna come over? You can meet Perrie and Zayn and maybe the others.(:'

I got a text within seconds.

From: •Jaylan•

'Uhm, yes! I'll be there as soon as possible. Thanks :):)'

I gave her my address and watched from my window. I saw her a few minutes later and ran down. Of course, Perrie and Zayn were swallowing each other.

"Get a room. We have my friend coming over. Remember, the one I told you about, Perrie?" I opened the door.

"Hey, Jaylan!" I hugged her, "This is Perrie, my mum, and Zayn, my dad. Feel free to hug them." She ran over to Perrie and hugged her; then Zayn was hugged.

"Kylee told me you loved our band?"

"Yes! I absolutely love Little Mix. One Direction is my second favourite!" Jaylan jumped up and down.

"Oh, I see how it is." Zayn said, holding his hand to his heart, pretending he was hurt. Jaylan hugged him.

"They were in the middle of making out when you got here, so we will leave them to it, Jaylan. Come with me upstairs." I grabbed her hand and we walked up to my room.

"I love your room. Oh, and thanks for letting me meet them."

"No biggy. Take a picture for twitter with me!" She scooted closer and we took the picture.

'@kylee_edwards: With @jaylanxulmerx while @littlemixoffic Perrie and @zaynmalik are making out downstairs. <3 love you

-link to picture-

-link to picture-'

"Kylee Louise Edwards! Get down here!" Perrie yelled. Jaylan stayed in my room.

"Yes, mummy?" I smiled like a five year old would, so they wouldn't be in trouble. She bursted into laughter, along with Zayn who was rolling on the floor.

"Why... would... you... do... that?.." She asked in between laughs.

"Why not? I only posted one of Jaylan and me. And the other was of you two swallowing each other!" I laughed with them. I ran back upstairs while they laughed, and told Jaylan what had happened. She laughed and then we talked a bit until she had to walk home. I offered to walk with her, but she said she wanted to clear her head. So, of course, I let her because I know how it feels to need to clear your head. I laid in bed for a few hours just staring at the ceiling. I couldn't fall asleep. I texted Parker. I'll probably get in trouble, but oh well.

To: •Parker•

'come over. I can't sleep:('

From: •Parker•

'I'm on my way. Why can't you sleep, babe?'

To: •Parker•

'I miss you! Actually, I don't know why, but I figured I'd say that anyway.'

From: •Parker•

'You're crazy. I'm at the door.'

I walked downstairs and opened the door quietly. I closed and locked it back. We walked upstairs. I forgot I was in my underwear and a baggy tank top.

"Thanks for the view." Parker whispered.

"Shut up. I'm tired." I patted the bed and he came and sat on it. I snuggled into his chest. He didn't have a shirt on. Typical guys, but then there's me - the girl without pants on.

"Night, babe. I love you." That made my life. I was shocked.

"I love you too." I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

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