Adopted. (1D and LM)

I suck at these so just read.



1. Adopted

Adopted (Perrie)


Hello. I'm Kylee. Kylee Louise. I don't really use my last name because I'm in an adoption centre. The people here take good care of everyone. I love it here. I do want to get adopted though. I'd love to have new clothes, shoes, different foods. My best friend here is Koral Maya. She doesn't use her last name either. Mrs. Lee is the headmaster of the adoption centre, it's called 'Adoption Centre'.. so creative I know. Well, I have to go, I'm being called to the office.

*in the office*


"Hello, dear." Mrs. Lee said when I entered the room. I decided I should sit in one of the chairs because sometimes office visits take a long time. "Yes, Mrs Lee?"

"I have good news!" she exclaimed.

"Am I getting adopted?"

"We have a winner! Yes you are getting adopted!" she said with a smile. I've always loved her. She's like my mom, mostly because I don't like my mom and I hardly remember her. I wonder who's adopting me. "Who is it?" I asked still smiling widely.

"I guess you'll have to wait and see."

I nodded, hugged her, and went to the dinner table. I was assuming that this person was coming tomorrow morning. After dinner, I went and told Koral about it. She was excited, but super sad because we had been best friends ever since we got here. I packed up the few outfits that I had, that I actually wore, and went to sit on my bed. I laid down and stared at the ceiling. I can't believe this is happening. Oh! I forgot to say how old Koral and I are. I'm 14 and she's 13. And my birthday is July 28 and Korals is May 28. After thinking about life for what felt like a million years, I fell asleep.



I woke up when the sun decided to blind me. It was 8 AM. I walked down the hall to Korals room and went in. She was already awake and crying. I say next to her and let her cry on my shoulder. We were still I'm our pajamas. "Lets change and get ready." I said. She lightly nodded still crying a little. We brushed out our hair, put on matching leggings which were blue and white Aztec print, and threw on a black sweater. We both had light brown hair and blue-gray eyes. Basically, we looked like twins today. She hopped on my back and I carried her down to the main room. Everyone else was there. I hugged everybody and was crying so hard. We heard a knock at the door. An absolutely flawless blonde came in. She had on a white crop top with a peace sign on it. She had light blue high-wasted shorts and some black combat boots. "I guess this is it." I turned and said to Koral.

"I guess so."

"I'm going to miss you so much. I love you. You're my best friend and I hope you get adopted soon and we can meet again." I said.

"I love you too." she replied slowly. We hugged for a good five minutes and I turned to the lady who was adopting me. She looked about 20. "Well, Kylee, this is it. This is your new parent. Her name is Perrie Edwards. You should like her." Mrs. Lee said crying. I hugged her and grabbed my bag.

"Thank you Mrs. Lee. We'll keep in touch with all of you." the lady, Perrie, said. After that, we turned ad walked out the door. I look back one last time to say goodbye to Koral. I was crying.

Maybe I will see her again.

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