Escaping This Yearning Escapade

When Laurie Arwen's car gets stolen by former teen heartthrob boyband member, Harry Styles, who had disappeared off the chart years ago and into the streets of drugs, things get wild. Not only does the car get stolen, but Laurie gets stolen as well. Trapped in this car how will Laurie escape from this enraged yet gorgeous and dangerous guy?


1. chapter 1

Routine. That's all my life seems to be based on. I don't mind really, but after a few months you start to get really, I don't know... bored with your life.

Example A: Me. Why? Take this for instance, I wake up every morning, in the slightest of moods.

I get ready, blah blah blah. "Oh, I put my hair up in a messy bun, oh I only apply a little makeup everyday, oh." Bullshit. Why do all girls claim to get ready like that? To be honest I just brush the knots out of my hair, get dressed, brush my teeth, and wash my face again with the blah blah blah... Then I greet my parents, eat a small breakfast, go to school, come home, do homework, and eat, shower, sleep. EVERY SINGLE DAY, except for weekends.

You see I'm not your average girl, stupid, naïve, immature, irrational, irrelevant, weak...may I go on? I think not.

I'd like to think of myself as a very smart, independent, strong-willed person. Don't forget perfect, I'm only joking though, well partly. I don't like to sound conceited or cocky but hey you're only seeing me in my mental point of view right now, don't judge me.

"Ms. Arwen..." I snap out of my inner conversation.

"Um, yes?" I ask, my embarrassment obviously reveled in my now flushed face from the muffled laughs behind me. Ok, not your most balanced out gal.

"Repeat what I just said."

"What?" I ask trying to buy time. Oh one minute till class ends.

"Don't play stupid."

"I wasn't-" I'm interrupted as the bell chimes and school is over. I mentally high five myself as I gather my things and and try to rush out of the class ASAP without making eye contact with Mr.Brown.

"Ms. Arwen..." He interjects as I'm halfway out of the door. Dammit.

I sigh,"Yes?"

"You've seemed a little off your game lately." Ok look I'm sorry that my most irritating teacher, in my second most boring class U.S government makes me want to rip my eyes out or jump out a window because I HATE politics. Guess what's my first most boring class, you guessed it pre-calculus a.k.a math a.k.a Mental.Abuse.To.Humans. lol I read that on tumblr.

"MRS. ARWEN." Mr. Brown nearly shouts.

"Hmm?" is all I say, I really am off, but I mean it's whatever, school's over anyway.

"Exactly my point. You know what? I'm scheduling a meeting with your parents right now, what's your mothers number?" He asks impatiently.

"No no no, that's not necessary, my parents are way too busy working just please don't call them, I'm just a little...tired that's all. I'll pay attention more I promise, just please don't call my parents, they don't need to be bothered." In other words if you call them I'll get an ass whopping.

"I'm giving you one last chance Laurie, DON'T screw it up."

"I won't, I swear." I half lie. I can't promise that I won't screw up but hey I'm only human.

Mr.Brown eyes me weirdly before agreeing and dismissing the conversation.

. *************************

"Hey babe, how was school today?" Nate asks me as I walk up to him at our usual after school meet up post.

Nate's my boyfriend of one year. Met him junior year, we were just small friends until he was dared to ask me to homecoming which I accepted not knowing about the dare until after the dance. I was a bit upset because I gradually had a fun time and he claimed to have too but once I found out I was being "played" I dumped my cherry soda on his head and walked home. I know I know, drama queen alert but I was that stupid, annoying, irrational girl.

The next day he brought me roses and asked for forgiveness which I rewarded him with. I'm a sucker for those cute little things, gotta give him credit. We went back to being friends again but closer ones than before. Eventually we ended up dating. Guess you could see it coming.

Nate and I aren't your average couple society wise. Usually the captain of the football team dates the beautiful yet snotty cheerleader, not some random nerdy girl from the creative writing club. I know I'm attractive but I'm nothing special especially compared to the pretty cheerleaders who hate my guts. But then again this isn't the movies...

"Hey." I smile back. "It was alright besides Mr.Brown getting underneath my skin again." I add as we both start walking home, my home that is.

"Day dreaming again I see?" He smirks.

"Something like that..." He gives me this weird look that I can't quite read but he just stays quiet.

"Soooo...." He says dragging out the o's.

"So?" I question back knowing where this is heading.

"Um it's your birthday tomorrow, you're finally going to be legal." He informs me with nothing I didn't already know.

"And?" I'm not big on birthdays.

"Well what do you want to do?"

"I don't know yet, parties aren't really my thing." It's starting to get colder. It's slowing turning into winter and Nate always walks me home which struggles because I hate the cold.

"You cold?" He asks.

"Just a bit but it's fine." He puts his jacket over my shoulders and I get butterflies, like I said, I'm a sucker for the small things.

"Thanks." I whisper and he just smiles.

"Well I was thinking.." He continues, "I just might want to surprise you, like take you out to dinner or something, 18 is a big year." He rushes out.

I think for a bit before answering. "Ok."

"Really?" He seems surprised, I'm not that boring am I? Well we do always just sit at home all day watching Netflix on my birthday but still.

"Ya." I reply short not wanting to make a big deal out of this.

"Um ok.." He quickly recovers although I know that he's really happy inside. Which makes me really happy inside.

When we get home Nate gives me a small peck and leaves. He has football practice today. He walks me home then walks back to school for his practice. I don't live that far but still, it's a sweet thing to do. I just lump on the couch and watch some small TV.

I'm home alone. Nate usually stays with me when he doesn't have practice. Both my parents work countless hours, mostly my dad, he can't leave his work all day, but my mom can. She would always have to leave work to pick me up in middle school and my sister graduated 3 years ago so shes long gone at college in Washington.

Since it's Friday I have the whole day off until my mom comes home in 4 hours. I decide to open up my journal and write some more poems, or maybe short stories? Shortly after I end up falling asleep.

"Hey Laurie I'm home..." my mom wakes me up.

"Oh hey mom." I croak.

"Did I wake you?"

"Ya but it's ok I'm hungry."

After my mom makes me dinner we have small talk; I tell her about this new story I have planned to write for the creative writing club for a chance to go to New York and have it published. I told her how it was a one in a million chance based on how much better writers people around the country are. I update her on my school work and on Nate.

"Nate wants to take me out for my birthday tomorrow."

"That sounds nice, considering you don't ever do anything on your birthday. You use to love throwing party's when you were little." She adds.

"People change." is all I manage to say.

After dinner I help my mom clean the table and wash the dishes.

I rush up stairs as my phone starts ringing. It's Nate. "Hi." I squeak.


"Whats up?"

"So I was thinking, for your birthday tomorrow I have a surprise but your going to have dress up...a bit above the casual." He avoids using the word 'fancy'. He sounds a bit nervous so I just agree.

"Perfect. So um...I'll pick you up at two, yeah?"

"Sounds great."

"Ok. I'll see you tomorrow. Night gorgeous."


Me and Nate avoid throwing out 'I love yous' I love him, but I'm not quite sure it's in that way that's all. I'd do anything to make him happy and would be devastated if any thing was to ever happen to him but I don't truly believe he's the love of my life, maybe he is I don't even know. As messed up as that sounds it's true? Love is such a confusing word, emotion. It doesn't make any sense and it's used to loosely nowadays....In my mind there's different kinds of Love. Like I love this shirt or this food doesn't mean I want to live with it for the rest of my life? It's a long story and I'm not comfortable with the word okay? So I just try to stay away from it and Nathan knows that. He respects me and that's what I lo-like, that's what I like about him. I get ready for bed and for the day that awaits ahead.

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