Forever and Always

The story of a guardian angel and her friend of forever....literally


1. Forever and Always

The day I died was the day I became someone's guardian angel. I don't know how I left the earth, but I know I'm dead because no one can see me. Except this specific girl. That girl was my best friend. Her name was Amy. We'd been friends pretty much my whole life. I was her guardian angel. My job was to watch over her and make sure she was well. Four years had passed and I still was doing my job, but then something happened. We'd always talk and when her parents would come in her room, they'd think she's crazy. It got so bad to where they moved houses because they thought there was a spirit she was talking to.

When they did that, something inside me happened. I couldn't watch over her anymore. Yeah, I could go and visit, but it didn't feel the same. She'd moved on and forgot about me. I'd stop by and watch her, but she couldn't see me anymore. She was happy with her boyfriend. Her love. It crushed me deeply. It hurt already that I was gone and I couldn't make memories with her, but she's literally moved on. We couldn't have a laugh, a chat, nothing. I'd try to tap her shoulder but I guess she wouldn't feel it.

Two years passed and my wings glittered. They lifted me up and I had no control. They took me back to her house and I saw her sobbing. I sat next to her, laid my hand on her shoulder, and examined her face. In that moment, she'd looked up and saw me. "What's wrong?" I asked. She wiped away her tears and began telling me what had happened. Her love had left her, standing alone. Now it all made sense. Whenever she'd need me, I'd come right back to her. As I went to hug her, my hands weren't invisible anymore. They actually felt real again.

I pulled away and she was sparkling. Her hazel eyes met mine and I couldn't understand what happened. Whenever I'd make contact with her, I'd become real again. I looked at my hands and they were invisible again. She laughed, and I couldn't help but smile. It had been awhile since I'd ever heard her laugh. My best friend was back. I began to do my job again, this time doing it a bit better. I'd just watch as she'd be distracted by her phone, laughing and smiling from time to time.

Suddenly, she'd became different. Her wrists stained with blood. Her face covered in makeup and she'd posed as a different girl. Long sleeve shirts to cover her scars. I couldn't help her. I couldn't stop her. I'd yell out her name and she'd just ignore me. Of course, she saw me and heard, but she'd pretend as if I wasn't there. I tried to cry, but I couldn't. Too bad I was already dead, because I would've killed myself. I felt this was all my fault. Her changing. I had no power to stop her. I was a guardian angel, but I didn't feel like one anymore.

Everyday she'd leave, and I'd be following her. Watching. Just watching. Everyday, every night, a new scar. Everyday day, every night, a different girl. She was slipping away from my reach. Amy wasn't the same happy, smiling, girl she used to be. She'd changed. If I was alive, I'm sure I could've stopped all this. It's all my fault. It's my fault she's changing. It's my fault she's harming herself. She'd become insecure. I'd tell her nothing's wrong with her, but she wouldn't believe me.

Then one day, as she was crossing the street, a car came speeding by. She stayed there in the street as the car came closer. She just held her position and I was there trying to push her out of the way. Trying with all my strength, but nothing. The car slammed into her. Instantly she was dead. How do I know that? Well it's simple. Right when the car had hit her, I was detached from her. My wings glittered again and flattened. Now I was alone. I couldn't find her in my world. It was my fault she'd passed. I was supposed to be helping her.

My best friend whom I was watching over. The girl I'd shared so many laughs with. So many good chats. She was gone. I couldn't save her. As much as I tried I couldn't save her. Her body lay there, causing attention. The driver in the car and sped away. Not bothering to stop. Before I could see the worst, my wings took me to a mysterious place. It was bright. A cold gush of air hit me and I wrapped my arms around myself. I was on the floor. It looked somewhat like a forest floor. I looked up and saw a shadowy figure. I stayed on the floor, as the figure came closer.

At first I'd thought it was God coming to punish me for not saving her, but it was completely wrong. It was her. It was Amy. She looked so pure. So happy. So at peace. She came closer to me and held out her hand. I got up and looked at her. She looked like the same girl I'd known forever. No changes, no scars, no signs of insecurity. She was just her. My best friend I loved. I wrapped my arms around her and she hugged me. I could finally hug her again. She was one of me.

Just as I thought. We'd always be together.

Forever and Always. ♡

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