While Mona's heart was changed for good, the blood in her veins still runs evil. This causes her to be severely weakened with a curse of a war between good and evil inside her. On top of that, Laura, Daniel's once best friend, was changed into a demon by Lucifer seemingly to get to Daniel. With everything changed, it's left up to Daniel to save Mona's heart and possibly her life. At least, that's what Daniel thinks.


7. Good Morning Sunshine

Daniel fell asleep at times and then woke up every time Mona had a fit. It wasn't constant, through the whole night she only had 3 more fits. Every time she started screaming Daniel would jump up off the couch and run into his room to see Andy pressing his shanta to her arm and causing her to go limp again and sleep. Daniel would then walk back to the couch and sleep until she had another fit.

He woke up in the morning to Andy shaking him awake. "Daniel Mona's awake. She's ready to go now." Daniel sat up and looked over to his kitchen table to see Mona sitting. She was a white pale and had deep, dark circles under her eyes. She smiled weakly at Daniel. "Good morning sunshine." She said hoarsely.

Daniel yawned and smiled back. "Well good morning to you too."


Andy walked over to the coat rack and grabbed Mona's green checkered coat. "We've wasted enough time already. We should go. Mona are you ready?" Andy asked.

Mona nodded her head.

"Well at least let me get on shoes and a coat." Daniel said as he jumped up off the couch.

Andy groaned. "Well hurry up then." Dan rushed to put on his coat and shoes as Mona slowly made her way over to gently put on her coat.

"All I have to do is get us there right?" She asked Dan.

"Yes. Alexandra is going to meet us there."

Mona grimaced at the mention of Alexandra's name. "Alright, sounds easy enough." She muttered. She reached out for the boys' hands and closed her eyes. As they both grabbed a hand she reminded them; "remember. Hold your breathe when I count to three." She sighed. "1.2.3" At the count of three a white flame consumed the three of them. By the time the boys breathed out they were standing in front of a rag tag white church. Mona almost immediately fell to her knees. She crouched over, pressing her hands into the cold snow for support, desperately gasping for air. Andy knelt beside her and laid a hand on her back. "Are you alright Mona?" He asked.She quickly shook her head but made no effort to move out of the position she was in. Daniel slowly knelt beside her and gently wrapped his hand around her arm.

"Come on Mona it's alright. Just stand up." He said as he gently pulled her arm up. Andy shot Daniel a menacing glare but mimicked him in grabbing her other arm. When Mona finally stood up she leaned into Andy for support. When Daniel Looked to the church he no longer saw a crappy little church. He saw a magnificent castle looking building. Seeing the glorious safe house brought back memories. Memories of Mona before the curse. She was funny yet sassy, and never let you forget just how powerful she was. He never thought he would return to the safe house with this Mona. This ill, weak Mona.

"Hello Daniel Durbin." Alexandra said as she walked out of the house. She was dressed in all white, white skinny jeans and an oversized white sweater. She carried a thick blue blanket with her. She walked over to Andy and handed the blanket to him. Andy wrapped the blanket around Mona's shoulders and Alexandra spoke. "Bring her inside, Andrew Durbin. She needs rest now." The three of them followed as Alexandra lead them through the huge wooden doors and into the majestic safe house. "There is a bedroom prepared for Mona through those doors." Alexandra pointed across the big entryway to two huge doors with golden handles. "There are two beds, I figured that you wouldn't want to leave her alone in any circumstance." Alexandra said as she turned to Andy. Andy smiled politely. "Thank you." He looked to Mona who was leaning into him more and more the longer they stood. She was struggling to keep her eyes open. As she went limp and her eyes fluttered shut Andy smoothly picked her up and held her in his arms. "I think she's going to have to take you up on that bed." Andy said as he walked in the direction of the doors. Alexandra rushed in front of him and opened one of the doors for him. He thanked her as he walked through it. As the door shut Alexandra folded her arms and let out a small laugh.

"He's fallen head over heels for her hasn't he?" Alexandra asked as she walked back over to where Daniel stood.

"I think that may be putting it lightly." Daniel joked.

Alexandra smiled, and when she smiled there was a small twinkle in her eye. "Your room is upstairs, Daniel Durbin." She walked over to a big marble staircase and began walking up it. "You might find it familiar. It's the same one you stayed in last time you were here."

Daniel rushed to keep up with her. "That sounds great." He said.

When they finally reached the top of the stairs Alexandra turned to the right and headed down a hallway that was familiar to Daniel. She stopped in front of a plain wooden door and turned to face him. "Your room is right through here." Alexandra looked Dan up and down. She stopped to gaze at the ring around his finger. "The ring." She gasped. "You're still wearing it."

"Yeah. I kind of forgot I had it done I guess." He pulled the ring off his finger and held it out to Alexandra. "You can have it back if you'd like." Alexandra immediately shook her head. "No no no no. This is my gift to you." She gently clasped his hand shut around the ring and patted his closed fist. "My gift to you and Desdemona."

He smiled as he unclenched his fist and put the ring back on his finger. "I do have one question though." He held his hand straight out in front of him. "What is this writing on it?"

Alexandra hesitated. "Perhaps that's a conversation for another time Daniel Durbin."  She turned and began walking away from him. She half yelled over her shoulder; "I'll meet you back in the entryway at 7 for dinner. Tell Desdemona Andy the same. Make yourselves at home.." Alexandra disappeared down the hallway.






She was running. From what, she didn't know. All she knew was that It was coming fast. Her feet pounded hard against the ground as she moved with inhuman speed through a dark forest, crunching every leaf and twig below her. When she reached an opening in the forest she looked up to the dark night sky. She pushed herself of the ground and prepared to fly. But something grabbed hold of her ankle and yanked her violently onto the ground. She hit the ground with a thud and turned to see who had been chasing her. Daniel stood over her, wicked smirk on his face. She scrambled to get up, but the second she stood up he kicked her hard in the gut sending her flying backwards into the tree. The tree creaked in protest and crashed onto the ground. She stood up from the ground quickly and faced where Daniel had stood. He was gone. She looked around her desperately, but something grabbed her from behind and lifted her up. She let out a mighty yell as she kicked her attacker, but when her feet hit it it only squeezed her tighter. She lit her blue shantas and grabbed the arms around her in hopes of burning them off her. But, to her amazement, both the arms began to glow a brilliant red. She let out a shriek of pain as the shantas burned her skin. Satan's voice  whispered into her ear; "Your mine Desdemona. And you always will be."

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