Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


8. Chapter 7

William's POV 

Well it's been a week and Summer hasn't woken up yet! I hope the same doesn't happen to her as it did to her mother. I will be nothing without Summer. I just hope she wakes up sooner. I am deciding to take Summer with me to Cancun, Mexico while I finish filming my movie there and then come back and take a break for a while. 

I just hope she wakes up!


----Niall's POV ----

When will she wake up? I need my eating buddy!


-----Marissa's POV ----

I need my sister! I'm nothing without her!


-----Liam's POV ----

I need my Toy Story buddy with me!


----Zayn;s POV -----

She has to wake up!! I need my stylist!!


----Louis POV ----

I need Summer with me! I need to pull a prank!! I need my pranking buddy!


------Danielle's POV----

When will she wake up from coma? I need my dancing partner back!


-----Perrie's POV ----

I need her to wake up! Without Summer, I don't know where to get the best advice from!


-----Eleanor's POV -----

I need my fashion buddy back!!


----Harry's POV ----

Lately I have been thinking about Summer!! She is so beautiful! Her eyes, her body her face, her personality, her everything!! I can't be falling for her! She is like my little sister!


----Summer;s POV----

I have been stuck in darkness for a long time! Until I saw a light, I made a decision to walk to it and once I got to the light, there was this meadow full of flowers. I kept on walking until I saw my mother. 

Summer - Mum, is that you?

Elizabeth (Summer's mum) - Yes hunny it's me!

Summer- Mum! I want to be with you! My life is miserable! Dad doesn't even care about me!

Elizabeth - Yes he does! Ever since you have been in hospital, he has been by your side. He hasn't moved only to go to the bathroom. He stopped his job just for you!! Let me show!

She took my hand and walked me to some sort of screen that showed me in a hospital room!! I saw my dad he was mess!! He was by my side, he had baggy eyes, ruffled hair and he was crying. Then she showed what my friends were doing!! Seeing them like this broke my heart!! I can't believe this happened. 

Elizabeth - You have to go back there! It's not your time yet! I love you and your dad! Remember that I will watching you from above!! 

Summer - I love you too mum!!! 

Then it went back to darkness!!


So Summer, will be waking up soon!!


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