Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


25. Chapter 24

Harry's POV

So I got to Simon's office and the lads were there but they werent happen at all!

Harry: Hey Lads and Simon!

Simon: Hello Harry!

Lads: Hey Haz!

Harry: So what do we need to talk about?

Simon: Well you aren't going to be happy about this but lately the band's rank has been going down due to all of you been taken! And.............

Harry: And............ what?

Simon: The reason why the ranks have gone down is because you Harry is in a relationship with Summer! The fans don't want you dating Summer, they want you dating someone else! 


Simon: I'm sorry but you have to! Eitherwise One Direction is gone, I will drop the band! 

I can't do that to the lads! I have no choice!

Harry: Ugh Fine! I don't want to crush the lads' dreams! SO who do I have to date? 

Simon: Taylor Swift! You will have your first date with her tomorrow! You have tonight and until tomorrow at 1pm to break up with Summer! 

Harry: I don't want to break up with but can I at least tell her so she wont run away or end up in hospital again? Remember her dad is William Levy so who knows what he will do to me!

Simon: You can tell her but make sure to tell her not to mention it to her friends or father!

With that I left Simon's office with the lads and I drove to Summer's house!

----Summer's POV----

Marissa had jut left due to an family emergency so I was just watching movies! All of a sudden I heard a knock! I opened the door to find Harry!

Summer: Hey baby!

Harry: Hey love! 

We started to make out, Harry carried me and went into the living room and started making out there!

----Harry's POV-----

When Summer opened the door, she looked beautiful in her sweatpants and crop top! What made me love her more was her beautifulness! When she crashed her lips onto mine, it made me want her more! 

----15 min later---

I pulled away from our make out, unfortunately having to break off the news to Summer!

Harry: Well today when I went to Simon's office, he told me.........

Summer: Told you what?

Harry: That since I have been dating you that the band's ranks have gone down! Also the directioners want us to break up and they want me to date someone else! I didn't want to date anyone else! I tried to fight against their idea! But they said either I do it or One Direction will be dropped! I didn't want to crush the lads' dreams so I had no choice but to accept it! I no choice to but to break up! I'm sorry but can we still be friends?

I was starting to cry!

Summer: I get what you mean and I don't want the band to be dropped because of me! I'm sorry but we can't be friends - 

Harry: I understand if you - 

Summer: Can we be best friends like before?

Harry: Yes we can!

Summer: Who are going to fake date?

Harry: Taylor Swift!

Summer: Ok, Lets remember our last night for who knows how long with a little something special!

She crashed her lips on mine and we started to make out passionately! We went upstairs to her room and then you know what happens!


So Taylor Swift is in the story!

Haylor or Sarry?

Comment below!


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