Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


21. Chapter 19

Summer's POV 

The next morning, I woke up early to a sleeping Justin! I got out of bed, and ran to the bathroom! I showered and then got out and got into some lingerie! While I was still in the bathroom, I dried my hair and waved my hair into beach waves! I put on a light shade of make up and then I ran into my walk in wardrobe which is probably the size of a room! I put on a red lace crop top with a black skater skirt with red wedges! I went to the kitchen to see Harry in the kitchen cooking breakfast shirtless!

Summer - Goodmorning!

Harry - Morning Sum!

When he turned around, I could see his toned 6-pack abs! Damn that's hot! 

Harry - Um thanks!

Summer - Wait I said that out loud?

Harry - Uh yeah you did!

Summer - Oh! Anyways do you need help with breakfast?

Harry - Yeah sure, you can start with the bacon!

So I started cooking the bacon and while I was cooking, i needed to get a plate although I was too short, i went on my toes but it was no luck! All of a sudden I felt hands on my waist lifting me up, I went to reach for a plate but i guess Harry lost his balance and we fell! I fell on top of him and all I could notice was his eyes! We were just staring at eachother before I noticed, we were leaning into eachother and our lips were onto eachothers!! After a few minutes, we let go and got up instantly in an awkward situation!

Summer - That shouldn't have happened! I'm dating Justin and you are dating Isabella!

Harry - Yeah it shouldn't have but I felt good about doing! I'm sorry I can't help gaining more feelings for you! It's almost like I love you not Isabella!

Summer - Look before I went to Cancun, I had the biggest crush on you and I still do! But I don't want to break Justin's heart! Speaking of Justin, I am going to wake him up!

I rushed up the stairs and to my room! I opened the door to see the shock of my life! Justin and Isabella making out on my bed! Before I knew it, I was running down the stairs back to Harry!

Harry - Summer what's wrong?

Summer - Jus-s-tin-n and Is-s-abell-l-a were mak-k-ing out in m-y-y room!

Harry - Summer, don't worry! Remember we kissed as well! So we cheated! Want to talked to them and just break up with them together! 

We walked up the stairs together to my room and knocked on the door!

Justin - Come in

We walked in and to see him and Isabella there!

Summer - Can we all talk?

Justin - Yeah sure

Harry - Well me and Summer kinda made out in the kitchen and Summer caught you two making out in her room! So we think its the best if we -

Isabella - break up?

Summer - Yeah

Justin - Well I can't hide this forever but I'm inlove with Isabella since I met her yesterday! 

Isabella - Yeah I'm inlove with you too!

Harry - And I feel inlove with Summer!

Summer - I have always been inlove with Harry! So I still want to be friends with you Justin but I guess its not meant to be!

Justin - Yeah I agree! Lets be friends!

Isabella - I'm sorry Harry but I'm not inlove with you!

Harry - It's ok! We can still be friends!

Justin - I guess me and Isabella will be leaving! 

We said our good byes and they left! Right after they left Harry kissed me passionately! We made out for awhile until Harry pulled away!

Harry - Summer, I know its too soon but will you be my girlfriend?

Summer - Yes I will be honoured to!

We kissed for a while more and then carried on making breakfast as we will be announcing our news to the gang!


So this was a weird chapter!



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