Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


15. Chapter 13

Summer's POV 

So it was 5:30 pm and I had to start getting ready for my date with Justin! I went to have a bath where I shaved and washed my hair and body! After I got dressed into undergarments and then started with my hair and make up! I curled my hair into loose curls and then put on a natural shade of make up! Once I was done I got dressed into a red dress that had a flowy skirt that reached to my mid thigh with my gold heels and a gold clutch. Once I was done I checked myself and then I heard a knock on the door! 

I opened the door to find Justin in a white dress shirt with black pants and his silver supras. He looked hot!

Justin - Hey Summer! You look gorgeous!

Summer - Thank you! You don't look too bad! 

Justin - haha! Are you ready to go?

Summer - yes I  am!

We left the hotel room and went down to the car. When we went outside the hotel, infront of us was an purple ferrari 458 italia spider car! Justin being the gentleman, opened the car door for me and then to the other side! He sat on the other side and started driving. 

Summer - Thank you Justin for doing this for me today! 

Justin - It's ok! Its the least I could do for hitting the beach ball on you!

We spent the car drive getting to know eachother! 

----Skip car drive----

Once the car stopped, I had noticed we had driven to a fancy expensive restaurant! Justin got out of the car and ran to my side to open the door for me! Once I got out, we linked arms and went inside. I noticed he had rented the whole restaurant for us! 

Summer - You didn't have to rent the whole place for us!

Justin - I wanted to!

We sat down at a table and we ordered our dinner! While waiting for our dinner, we talked!

Justin - So you are the famous daughter of William Levy I see!

Summer - Yeah I am! And you are the famous Justin Bieber!

We talked until our dinner came and we ate! Once we finished eating, Justin took me to the middle of the restaurant where there was a band set up! They started playing and me and Justin started dancing. It was so romantic!


-----Justin's POV------

While me and Summer were dancing, we were starring at eachother eyes and then I started leaning. Seconds later my lips were on her lips and we were kissing. Once we pulled out of the kiss, I decided it was time to ask her!

Justin - Summer I know we only met today but the minute I saw you, I fell inlove with you! So will you do the honours of being my one and only lady?

Summer - Yes I will!

She smashed her lips onto me and we started to make out! We pulled out and went to the car. 


----Skip car drive----

We got to the hotel and I took her to my room! She said that she was aloud to sleepover so I lent her some of my sweats and we laid down in my bed. We watched movies and cuddled!

----2 hours later----

We were just cuddling then I leaned in and kissed her! She kissed back forcefully and then I bit her lip and she gave me entrance. We played a little tongue war and my hand went under her shirt and  I started to take her shirt off but she stopped me!

Summer - Please I'm not ready yet!

Justin - It's ok! I respect that!

It's true I respected it if she wasn't ready yet! I'm falling inlove with!


-------Summer's pOV-----

I think I'm falling for Justin!




So Jummer is now happening!

Comment if you ship 'Jummer' (Justin and Summer ) or 'Sarry' (Summer and Harry)


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