Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


13. Chapter 12

 Summer's POV

The next morning, I woke up in an unusual place but then I noticed I was in a hotel room! I decided to spend the day at the beach so I got ready. I got dressed in a aqua bikini with a short floral sun dress and sandals. I put my phone and wallet in my bag and went into the living room! I saw my dad in there watching tv!

I went up to him and kissed him on the cheek. 

Summer - Goodmoring daddy!

William (Summer's dad) - Morning princess! Lets go down to the breakfast bar!

Summer - Ok!

We went down there and had breakfast. Then we exchanged our good byes head our seperate ways. 

I got down to the beach and layed down for a sun tan! 

---1 hours later---

I was just laying there in the sun when a beach ball hit me! 

Summer - Hey! who threw this?

At the moment Justin Bieber came up to me!

Justin - OMG! I'm so sorry!

Summer - It's ok!

Justin - How about I take you for a date?

Summer - Oh ok! Sure I'd love to!

Justin - Ok I will meet tonight at 7 out side the Grand Sunset Princess All Suites Resort!

Summer - That's where I'm staying at! So it's a date!

We then exchanged numbers and then i had to leave to get ready for our date!


-------Justin's POV------

When I met Summer, I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

I think I'm falling for her!

I left the beach to get ready for the date!



Sorry for the short chapter!

Will Summer fall inlove??

Will Jummer happen?

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