The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


2. Chapter Two.

1,5 ago. 


"Ian we need to talk.' One of my friends, Adam says and I scootch over so he can sit down beside me. "Its about Kayleigh. I know you're probably gonna kick my brains out for this, but me and her well we hooked up. A few days ago, we were texting for a while and I suggested for her to come over to mine and one thing led to another." I stood up fast ,as if I've been hit by a lightning. "What the fuck did you just say?' I growl and push him so hard he nearly falls off the bench, good he deserves that. 

'Its her fault too you know, she let it happened.' He points out and I storm out of the place. While speed walking I am dialing the number I know off by heart by now. "We need to talk. "I tell her and we agree that I'll come to her place. 

When I finally reach her house I bang on the door until she opens the door for me. "Hi baby." she exclaims and leans in to kiss me, I turn to the right and then walk into her house. "Heard you have a blast with Adam a few days ago. Baby." I spit out the word baby as if its poison. Well for me from now on it is. 

"I-" she begins and I cut her off. 'Save it, I don't care I have something I need to tell you too." I reply much more calmer now. It's now or never. When we sit down beside each other yet keeping some gap between us, I nibble on my lip. "I like somebody else too. You don't know her. " I finally say and I feel like smiling for some reason, this is the first time I admitted this to someone. And this feels, hell this feels amazing. 

"What's her name? " "Paulina." As there was no point in this she didn't question me more about her. 

'So is this the end?" She questions and I nod my head. "It is. "

That was also the day when I admitted my feelings to Paulina, and also the day when I got rejected. Because of Jenny. I seriously wanted to throw her off the bridge that day. It was all because of her. 

And ever since that day I was doing everything to hurt her feelings too. From rejecting her to flirting with her on the other day. 




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