The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


23. Chapter Twenty-Three.

Let it go, turn away and slam the door.-Demi Lovato. 


I grin at myself in the mirror and fix my I fix my button down navy shirt and bite my lip. Hope she's going to like it. It's my first date with Paulina AND from what I heard its her first official date ever too so I am kind of nervous. I am very determined to make it as perfect as I possibly can. I don't really have a certain place picked or anything I mean I do have an idea but that's for later on, late at night. Nothing dirty though. 

I shake my head and leave my house I am gonna meet her at her house but first I need to get her something.I buy a large starbuck's black coffee with no sugar nor milk, then I run down to the flower shop and get her a deep red rose and then last but not least I get her a little toy about 15cm in black and red and it's a little devil. So I'm sure she'll like it. I hurry back to her house and sign happily when I notice that I am not late, since she's still not here. 

She walks out of her house and smiles at me widely. I grin back and take my time looking at what she is wearing. She is in black tights, she has a short black skirt on with a tiny little leather belt holding it in place and to top it all of she has a blouse tucked into the skirt which is slightly see through and black dr martins I lick my lips and look up at her. "Sexy." I comment and she laughs. I pass her everything i bought her and she kisses me on the lips and skips off with the toy poking out of her bag and rose and coffee in her arm. "You forgot me." I shout and she turns back and laughs. "Come here slow poke." Somehow with her arms full she still manages to hold mine. 

We go to Nando's and stuff our faces. Literally we ate half the menu all together and we loved it. I look at the clock and see that it's going on to 9. I look up at the stars and see that they're already out. I grab her hand and drag her all the way to my house, occasionally stopping just to kiss her causing her to broke out in to a wide grin. When we enter my house we go up to the second floor and I let her in my room. "What do you love the most in the world? " I ask her and she turns back to me. "Like things? I'd say, coffee, books and stars." She replies and I grin. "Why do you like the stars?" I question and she shrugs her shoulders. "They're free. I'd love to be like them too." She tries to explain and I smile. "Do you wanna look at them? I can lead you to the roof we can look at them." She looks at me wide eyed."Ohmyfuckinggod yes.!" She replies and I grab her hand chuckling. When we enter the roof she plops down on it and stares up. I sit behind her and she leans back on my chest, making me wrap around her immediately. "I love this here right now." I whisper and she nods her head. "I know me too." She says and signs. "You did so much to me today." She says and looks up at me. I run my fingers against her skin on her forearms and I feel bumps here and there from her scars, I lift a bit of her sleeves up and notice so many of them already, but the fact that she didn't push me away makes it a slight bit better. 

When we enter my room again I grab something from the shelf beside my bed and hide it behind my back. "Kiss me and you'll get your present." I say and she stands on her tip toes and kisses me right on the lips, I immediately kiss back and when she pulls away I am left there grinning like an idiot. I pass her the pack of glowing stars and she gasps and hugs me tightly. "God why are you so perfect?" 


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