The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


31. Chapter Thirty-One.

Only know you love her, when you let her go. -Passenger. 


I groan waking up, rubbing my eyes. I look at Jenny who is snuggled up with the teddy bear she has on her bed and at the same time she is still cuddling me too. I smile slightly at her, and get out of bed quietly, trying not to wake her up. She must be exhausted. She mumbles something in her sleep and I cover her with the duvet. I leave the room silently, and walk into her parent's room which is currently taken by Paulina and Ian. "Shit." I mutter under my breath. I notice them hugging each other, but it's clearly visible that they don't have any clothing one, possibly, because all their clothes are all over the room. I close the door after myself and go downstairs to the kitchen, still shirtless but in my sweatpants. I plop down on one of the chairs in the kitchen and groan lightly to myself. I sit there with my head in my hands until I finally hear footsteps on the stairs. I smile at Paulina when she comes in and she immediately goes over to the kettle to make herself some coffee. "What's up?"she asks and I smile. "Well apart from not being able to sleep due to yous moaning half of the night, and walking into seeing Adam and Eve in their beauty, nothing much." I say and she stares at me wide eyed. "Did Jenny hear?" she questions and I shake my head. "No definitely not, she didn't even move in her sleep." I tell her and she nods smiling. "Well at least Ian is getting some." She says and sticks her tongue out just when Ian walks in. "You should put that tongue to use baby." Ian winks and I laugh. "I am sure she did last night." I say and turn around then I hear giggling coming from the doorway. I smile and open my arms out for a hug. She plops down on my lap and I 'oof' quietly. 

"What were you's talking about? who put their tongue to use?" She asks confused looking between us and we all just shrug. "Just a joke." Paulina tell hers and Jenny frowns. "Care to share?" she asks and I smile at her pecking her cheek. "You wouldn't want to know baby girl." I tell her and she nods her head silently. 

After Paulina feeds us Jenny goes downstairs to dress up, and after a while when she doesn't come back I go downstairs to check up on her. I hear sniffles coming from her room and when I open the door my heart drops. I rush over to her and sit in front of her grabbing her hands. "Why are you crying?" I ask her and she shakes her head. "I don't know anymore. I am very happy I really am, but I can't forget him." She says and hugs me around my neck tightly. I hug her back and rock us back and forth. "Its okay, as long as you're trying." I whisper and she is shaking in my arms. "I am supposed to be happy for her, and I am but. god I don't even know how to explain it. " She whispers and I stay silent,not knowing what to say. Paulina enters the room and when she sees what is going on she looks at us wide eyed. "What's going on?" She asks. "Ian." I reply and she looks at me shocked. "She is a bit upset over everything." I say and Paulina takes my place beside Jenny ."Why didn't you tell me? If I knew what's going on with you I wouldn't of given him a chance in the first place. " Paulina says and Jenny shakes her head wiping her eyes. "That's the point I wanted you to get with him! I knew what you'd make him happy. And he deserves to be happy. And I think its the fact that I don't know why he is so mean? He , even when he is with you, he won't talk to me. Its all about touching you. Its upsetting. I am willing to give those feelings up, I am tired of being so sensitive over them. " Jenny exclaims and shakes her head, her lips trembling. Paulina looks at her. "Are you sure you are okay with me and him?" she asks and Jenny nods. "Yeah, I don't even know what happened today. Sorry. I have Anto anyways. He is the best lad I can ask for. " Jenny says and my cheeks flush. She thinks I am the best lad. 

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