The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


34. Chapter Thirty-Four.

I want you to stay. -Rihanna. 


When I am completely calm and actually not roaring at people I walk out of the room Ian was with me in and go over to Jenny who is sitting on the couch playing with the bracelets on her arms I sit down beside her and sigh regretting everything I yelled at her previously. "Sorry about what happened. I didn't mean it." I tell her and she shrugs her shoulders. "Its okay really you had to let it out somehow."She says back and I frown. "Sorry." I mumble again and she giggles lightly. "Its okay really." She whispers back and I nod my head smiling a bit. "Where is the lads?" I ask her and she pouts. "I don't know, Anto has been being all weird since yesterday and like he won't tell me what is wrong and all, and I don't know I think like I did something wrong again, and him and Ian talked upstairs and they went somewhere." She explains and I smile, having a sudden urge to laugh. 

I can't hold it back anymore and burst out laughing, she looks at me confused and I rub my tummy due to my laughing. "Oh god. Do you really don't get it?" I ask her shocked and she nods her head dumbfounded. "He wants to get into your, "I trail off and point to her private part and she gasps blushing immediately. "the lad is horny for you." I exclaim laughing again, finding it hilarious how she thought it was her fault. "Well actually it is your fault." I point out and she looks at me open mouthed. "Walking around him and all jumping on his dick, he probably imagines ya naked half the time. "I point out taking a grape from the fruit bowl into my mouth. 

"But what can I do for him?" she mumbles and I roll my eyes. "Are you serious?" I ask her shocked and she nods her head slowly. "God give him a handjob,or a blowjob, or let him finger you or, I don't know do whatever, if you don't want to have sex tell him, and he won't go any further." She blushes wildly and I chuckle. "Don't be such a nun. " I exclaim and she slaps my arm lightly, I didn't even feel anything. 

The guys walk into the house and plop down beside us, I laugh when I notice Jenny wiggling around the couch uncomfortably. Anto grabs her waist. "Please stop." He mumbles and she stiffens immediately. I crack up at that and Ian finds me laughing hilarious, so he joins in too. "Anto just throw her over the shoulder and take her god." Ian exclaims and Anto punches him in the stomach lightly, not causing him any harm. "I'd love to." He says and Jenny looks at all of us shocked, when quickly leaves the room. I hear the door slam downstairs and Anto looks at me his eyebrows raised. "What did I do? "  he asks and I shake my head. " I think she is just embarrassed." I reply and he throws his head back. "Why can't she just give it to me?" He mumbles and I shrug my shoulders. "Maybe she will." I wink at him and he snorts. "Right." 

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