The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


38. Chapter Thirty-Eight.

And he just takes my breath away. -Little Mix. 


"she is crying, i dont know why call her or something, i am leaving to go home soon too. " 

As soon as I read the message from Paulina, I quickly dial Jenny's phone, but she won't reply. I become nervous and call Paulina instead to check if she is still there with her. "Yeah?"she asks. "She won't reply to my calls or anything I am worried, are you still with her?" I ask her and she chuckles. "I just left her house, i made sure she fell asleep before I left."She tells me and I sigh less worried now. "Why was she crying?" I ask her and she signs. "Well she told me it was cause you were distant with her today, i think she is just exhausted." She explains and I sub my eyes with my hand. "Where did you go to anyways?" She asks and I smile. "Ian asked me to go out with him, to do something." I say not telling her everything. "Mhm, could of told her you're leaving with him or at least left a note or something for her." She scolds me and I roll my eyes. "When I woke up she was sleeping so sweetly, I didn't want to wake her up or anything. " I tell her blushing slightly. "Awwwwwh." Paulina cooes on the other end and i blush even harder. "Are you with Ian now?" she questions and my smile drops. "No, he went to his house." I lie to her staring right at him. "I'll talk to you later, I am about to walk into my house."She says and I tell her a see ya. "you should check up on her, before her ma comes home a quick tip her ma comes at around 10. " 

Paulina sends me this right after the call ,and I reply with a simple 'okay'.

"Why did I have to lie to her?" I ask him and he smiles. "I am planning this huge ass surprise for her and I didn't want her to find out about it now." He explains and I try to whistle, but fail. I can't whistle okay?! I am probably the only 18 year old lad who doesn't know how to whistle properly without looking like a hamster who is choking on air. "Are you telling me right now that you're planning a cute surprise for Paulina? " I ask him fake shocking a gasp. He throws a punch at my stomach and I crack up laughing. "Maybe I am maybe I am not. All I know is she can't find out about it till friday, which is the day when I am planning on giving her the surprise." 

I nod my head agreeing with him. "It'd be cute." I tell him smiling and he nods his head. "I sure as hell hope so. " he mumbles and I chuckle. "Why did you drag me out of bed today?" I ask him and he smirks. "Well it was hard to do, since she was clinging on to you and all, but I had to talk to someone and like you were the first person that came into my mind. Did you hear that she told me? She said I was too fucking into sex to even notice her scars, when I see them every day, every time I do. They're there, but I am trying not to bring them up, because I thought it would be for the best." I let him blabber on commenting at times. When he finally lets its all out I see the usual Ian who always cracks jokes and teases me back. 

"I have to go see Jenny. Its 4 already, her ma is going to be back at around 10 I want to spend some time with her." I tell him, after throwing my cigarette on the ground. He whistles and his whistle at least sounds like a humanly sound. I slap him across the head, and we head different ways, him to his house to change and then he is seeing Paulina, I am going to Jenny. 

I knock on her door, and I hear some stumbles at the other side. She opens the door for me and I grin stepping inside her house. She hugs me tightly and I hug her back. "You look tired." I tell her and she shrugs her shoulders. "You just woke me up." she tells me and smiles cutely, we go to the living room and try watching a movie well its a hard thing to do, when all I want to do is make out. 




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