The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


30. Chapter Thirty.

How to get to heaven, when you're born hell bound? -The Script. 


I sign for a thousandth time today after the cheesy happy ending of the movie comes. How can she watch this and actually cry during some of them? I look towards Anto and Jenny and I see that he is wide awake, she however is about to fall asleep on his lap. "I think we should all go to bed." Ian announced and we all agreed. Anto ends up carrying Jenny upstairs and he asks me to change her into her pajamas as well. 

I walk into the room me and Ian have to share for tonight and smirk then I notice him taking his pants off. "Nice view, babe." I tell him and add a wink at the end. He blows me a kiss and walks towards me only in his boxers by now. He pushes me down onto the bed and I laugh quietly, knowing that Jenny's room is just next door and if she hears us I don't want to even think what might happen.He grinds on me even if I am fully dressed and I moan into his ear quietly. He tries slipping his fingers into my pants but I push his hands away. He groans and gets off me throwing himself beside me. "Why not?" he whines and I laugh when I notice he god a bit too excited down there. 

"Because they're next door. And I can't, not after what I saw today. Imagine what she would feel like if she walked in on us?" I tell him and he rolls his eyes. "First of all, Anto had to carry her  because she couldn'' even keep her eyes opened. Second of all I am sure she wouldn't walk into us before knocking on the door. And I mean come on you promised."He whines at the end of the sentence and that cause me to chuckle.I stand up and start teasingly taking my pants off. "Well you know maybe if we can be quiet." I say and push my pants down off my hips. He bites his lip and nods his head fast. "Promise,now come here." He says and grabs me by the hem of my panties. I smirk and sit on top of him dragging my fingers up and down his chest. He smirks back and flips us over. He quickly takes my shirt off me and doesn't even spend any time unclipping my bra and taking my panties off. I bite my lip teasingly and he leans down kissing me roughly. 

While kissing me he quickly enters his fingers into me moving them in and out at the fast pace straight away I pull away and drop my head to the pillow moaning quietly. "Shit." I curse and he smirks and leans down to my nipples giving each one of them a kiss and a soft bite. I tighten around his fingers and he quickly pulls them out of me leaving me quiet annoyed. He winks and leaves a trail of kisses down to my private part. I buck my hips up and he pushes me down with his hands. "Patient, baby." he whispers and kisses me right down there, where it's needed. I look him in the eyes and he gives me a long and  pleasuring kiss down there while staring me right in the eyes. I moan loudly and stiffen straight away listening for the any signs that they woke up but I hear none. He enters a finger inside me again while still licking me and I can feel the knot in my stomach tightening until I can't hold it in anymore. I moan his name out and he smirks satisfied. 

I push him onto his back and sit on top of him. I pull his boxers down and take his buddy out, pumping it with my hands softly. "I don't think you quiet deserve my mouth on it again. " I mumble and wink and he bucks his hips to meet the movement of my hands. I stop and sit on top of him holding onto his forearms for support. He enters me straight away and I throw my head back, moaning. He quickly flips us over and takes a nipple into his mouth. "I don't like girls leading the way. I am the one who should be making her feel good." He whispers onto my nipple and I dig my nails into his back making him groan. I don't think his back will ever be clean from those scratches ever again. 

"Fuck baby." He mumbles onto my shoulders and I moan again. I tighten around him and he quickly fastens his movements inside me, making us both reach our highs at the same time. He pulls away and I lay on my back breathing heavily. "Fuck, why are you so good?" I whisper kissing his chest and he smiles. "Maybe that's because you're you. And you make me feel good with you too." He explains and I go to sleep satisfied in his arms, not even bothering to put any clothes on. 

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