The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


10. Chapter Ten.

Tonight let's get some, and live while we're young. 


We continue on walking towards the girls and when Paulina notices us she pokes Jenny's forearm fast. Jenny looks up and smiles. "Hiya's girls." I exclaim and drop down beside them. The guys look at each other and quickly leave probably thinking we're their boyfriends. Not like we mind or anything. 

"Awh you's ruined all the fun." Jenny wins and then starts gigglign madly. I look at Anto and see that he is trying to hide the smile from forming. "I think she is tipsy by now." Paulina states and we all laugh. They're here for like 10 minutes, maybe 15. And Jenny is already drunk. "For fuck's sake."Anto mutters and rolls his eyes. "Wittle Anty is mad." Jenny exclaims and stands up poking his lips, and apparently that's the most hilarious thing she had ever seen because she cracks up nearly falling over on the floor. 

"I should probably drag her home.Her ma thinks she is staying at my house thank god, she'd kill her if she saw the condition she is in right now" Paulina says and is about to stand up when I grab her hand but before I could even start my sentence Anto starts talking. "Its okay I can take her home?" he asks and Paulina raises her eyebrows. While they're staring at each other I notice how soft her skin is. For fuck's sake. I am gonna get killed by this girl one day. I notice her making her twitchy eye at him and I can see he is clearly freaked out by it, but that just make me laugh loudly.Oh Paulina.

"Okay, but if in the morning she wakes up a non virgin, you'll be forever disabled." She says it so calmly. He just laughs and shakes his head. "Wouldn't do it. I'd love for her to actually remember it." He tells her and she smiles. "Alright you's better head out then, its gonna one hella of a funny night for you." she says and nods towards Jenny who is checking out everyone who is walking by her. 

We walk them outside and then go back inside together. "Now book lover what would you like to do since the kids left?" I question her and she smirks. "Let me think. I'd probably go around see if I'll see any hot guys around. I don't see any right now." I roll my eyes and she turns her back to me. Well I can check out her butt, which is one of the most lovable places on her. Well she is loveable in general. 

I don't know how I managed to convince here, but here we're making out on the couch like some mad people.I can feel all around her body and she is doing that to me as well. I groan and she bites on my lip. "How about we go to mine?" I mumble against her lips and she chuckles."How about no? I like it right here. For now. " she says and i can feel her hands going lower and lower. Oh hell this night is so turning out amazing so far. 

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