The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


9. Chapter Nine.

Sometimes all you have to do is hold your head up high, and move the hell on. 


Decided to go out partying with my gang. So here I am in Quinns, trying to enjoy myself as much as I can. Literally. I didn't even had to look for a moth for one to literally jump into my arms, she bumped into me beside the bar, so here we're making out in the corner, with my pushing her into the wall with my lower half. 

I kept on going, and I would of if I actually didn't feel someone lightly push my back."what?" I growl and look at Anto who is there smiling like a fucking baboon. "Jenny and Paulina, are here." He states and I nod my head, but then I look at him wide eyed. "What?" I raise my voice and he shrugs his shoulders. "I was entering here with them, they came in thanks to me too, because I had an I.D and I told the bodyguard that they're with me. I think they're here for someone though. As soon as we entered here they ran off away from me. " He explains shrugging sadly. "Where did they go?" I question pushing away from the girl, dumping her shocked there completely. 

"They went past the bar, closer to the resting areas. So I'd assume they're still there. Why?" He questions confused. And I wink at him. "Well why not make your night? And mine as well." I whisper the last part under my breath and due to the loud music he definitely didn't hear me. "Its not just about me I know you like her." He exclaims and I raise my eyebrow. "Care to explain? " I ask while we're making our way through the crowd. Some lucky lads are getting grinded on. Mental sign. Maybe with a bit of convincing and teasing I'd make Paulina cave in to do it with me too. 

"I know you like Paulina." Anto states and I just decide to ignore it, knowing Anto he won't tell anybody so I see no point in denying the truth. "It's kinda helping me you know, Jenny might actually realise that you won't notice her. So she might actually look at other girls. I know it sounds harsh, but I really do think that if she gets hit with reality right in the face she'll know that not everything she wants will happen to her." He explains and I smile at him. "Pal, I am pretty sure she did notice you by now, and I am pretty sure she has more feelings for you than she is showing. I just think that the longer it takes her the better it would be for both of yous, if you two do end up together. Which I am pretty sure you would." I pat him on the back, and look around myself, looking for a ginger head of hair, since Paulina's black hair won't be easy to find in the crowd. "Thanks. "He mumbles, and I look at him confused, what got him so weird? I look to where he is staring and shake my head. What's so bad about girls talking to a few guys and drinking? I'll never know. 


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