The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


4. Chapter Four.

Don't look too close, it's dark inside. 


- - - 

Nowadays. : 

I've tried my hardest lately to find myself some girl to at least hook up with I am not even mentioning relationships. Paulina, I always compare them all to her. Last weekend I met this girl and she was all ready for it, but she had deadly straight hair while Paulina's once were slightly wavy, her ones are dark now and the girl had blonde hair, girl was tall, Paulina is short. And then I just turned around and left the club. I can't even look at any girl anymore without having to compare her to Paulina. I seriously think I am going mad over that girl. 


When I enter my house I crash on my bed and stare at the ceiling since Paulina and Jenny always walk by my house, I hear them most of the time and Paulina likes talking about stars so I guessed she loves them and like a stalker I am I went to the shop and bought a pack of sticker stars which glow in the dark. I kind of still don't understand why she loves them? but at the same time I am jealous of those stars, she looks at them every single night, she loves them, they're free and they sure as hell can get whatever they want. While I can't even get the attention of the girl I love. 

I groan and stand up from the bed, I'll just walk down to the Londis down the street and I'll get something to at least make my belly happy. I grab my wallet, stuff it in my pants and put on my navy hoodie, I check my hair and stomp down the stairs. 

"where you going? " I hear the annoying voice of my sister ask, but no matter how irritating she is , I still love her. "Londis." I mumble and leave , of course shutting the door loudly so the full area would hear. 

When I am about to enter the shop I notice, I hear familiar laughs and look towards two girls who are about to enter the same shop as me. I smirk and walk in first, while looking through the freezer with ice creams I can hear them whispering. "that butt tho." Paulie whispers and I grin widely. they walk towards the drink and I make sure to pull my pants down a bit lower. I like to tease, okay. 

They're right behind me, and I can hear her voice. I turn back and look at her. Should I? Should I not? fuck it, won't hurt. "Hey." I say to Paulina, and I can see Jenny glaring at the wall, well someone must be pissed. She ignores me but just smiles. Even that is enough to make me happy. 

I walk all the way towards my house grinning like a fucking idiot. 

At least my night has been made better. 

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