The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


42. Chapter Forty-Two.

You wrecked me. -Miley Cyrus. 


We knock on the door and hear some bangs behind it. I raise my eyebrows chuckling while Anto burst out laughing. "Let's hope its just the door banging." I tell him and he chuckles. Paulina unlocks the door and I grin immediately giving her a kiss on the lips. She pulls away smiling and stands aside letting us walk in. 

Anto leaves us alone and we are in front of each other in the hall. She grins at me adorably and I chuckle. I lean down again, kissing her on the lips this time adding the tongue in. She bites on my tongue gently and I moan. We pull away and I wink at her bringing her into the living room of Jenny's apartments. 

I groan when I see them already cuddling. "Seriously? We haven't even been here for 5 minutes." I whine and Anto smirks. "Yeah we haven't even stepped into the house and you two were already down each other throats." He replies and I chuckle. "Jealous you don't get any?" I tell him and he rolls his eyes, staying silent. "He does get as much as you do." Jenny protests and coughs a bit. Anto smiles slightly and I laugh. 

In a while Paulina has her face in the pillow moaning about how she needs coffee because apparently she can't live without it. "Get me coffee you, boyfriend of mine."She whines and I laugh. "Alright alright. I'll go buy you one from the shop on the corner. Black without sugar I know." I tell her and stand up putting my jacket back on. Anto snorts and I glare at him. "Whipped."He says and I raise my eyebrows. 

"Said the one, now take your fat ass of the couch and let's go,get her coke or something." I tell him and he shrugs. He pecks her on the lips and stands up. We take the keys to the house so they won't have to open it for us and leave. 

He starts smoking as soon as we close the door. "You smoke too much." I point out and he shrugs his shoulders. "That's the only way I can calm down without getting high, drunk, or punching someone." he explains and I look at him. "Care to share?" I ask and he chuckles. "I am just sexually frustrated."The way he says it makes me crack up so bad I walk into the shop laughing like a maniac. I make her some coffee finally calming down. "Should I buy her coke or something warm?" Anto asks and I shrug pointing the the new cappucino frappe they have. "Buy her that and a bottle of coke." I tell him and he nods his head.

We go back to the house, well we ended up buying more than just drinks. We enter the house and notice that girls are whispering about something. "Awh girls. Share with us." I tell them and they immediately shut up. They smile innocently and I smile. 

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