The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


47. Chapter Forty-Seven.

I still remember, the first time I met you. 


The following day I was the same me again. I covered all of my scars with bracelets and ribbons I put on a smile no matter what I been told during the day, and then Ian touched my arms obviously trying to remind me about the previous night, I pulled away and pretended like I don't do it on purpose. Its obvious he noticed it but he didn't mention anything. Yet, anyways. I wouldn't care if he did mention it though. The guy has a full right to. But as he didn't mention anything I am not going to either. Every time I shrugged his arm off he just frowned and shook it off. 

We haven't had that much physical contact during the day either. When he called and asked to hang out, I of course said yes I am not that much of an ice queen. Of course we did kiss, a number couple always has to kiss? Not like I would actually honestly consider me and Ian to actually be a normal couple? But every time he wanted to hug me in a way to try and show me affection I busied myself with other things. 

"What is wrong with you, today?" He groans and I pull on my most innocent face. "Nothing, why?" I ask him, pretending to be confused. "You haven't been yourself. Every time I slightly touch you, you pull away as if I am hurting you somehow, you don't even let me hug you anymore. I don't know what I did wrong?" He mumbles and I shake my head. "There's nothing going on with me at all. I think its just my periods rubbing off on my moods today." I lie and he seems to take it. "That means we can't do anything?" He whispers leaning in and I bite my lip. "Is that all you care about?" I ask him and he pulls away fast. "What?" he questions confused and I shake my head. "As you said I am being all weird, and after I tell you what is wrong with me all you care about is sex? Is that all you want from me?" I tell him not showing any type of emotion. "No? Obviously its not? I love you that's why I am with you and I love every single thing that comes with you so of course it's not sex I want. I just thought that you loved doing it too." He explains and if it was a normal day when I felt like giggling over him I'd say I was flattered over his words. 

"Well then cope with me bleeding for a week and a half." I tell him and he just looks at me even more confused by now. "Now go get me a coffee." I ask him, well more like demand. He shakes his head and leaves to his kitchen to make me a coffee, I bite my lip to try and contain my laughter but let a few chuckles slip out. He comes back with a huge cup of coffee in his hands and I smile at him. 

He plops down beside me and puts the coffee down on the table in front of us. I sit on his lap and he groans slightly. "Baby don't tease me." He says and I grind on him. "Don't call me baby." I tell him and he stiffens a moan. 

I feel my phone vibrating in the back pocket of my jeans and I open the message. 

"Wanna go out in an hour? "Its from Jenny and of course I reply with a 'yes sure. ' .I stand off Ian drink half the cup of coffee not caring about burning  my tongue. "Where do you think you're going?" Ian asks still on the couch. I bend down to put my dr martins on and tie the laces and straighten back up. "Some important business with Jenny.  I'll call you later or something." I tell him and he doesn't even manage to say anything, when I am out of the house. 

I make my way back  to the house deciding on changing my outfit. I have a feeling this is going to be much easier than I thought. 

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