The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


41. Chapter Forty-One.

Round, and around and around we go. -Rihanna. 


Friday. Quinns. That is like the tradition by now, every friday we go as a group to quinns. I am not really in the mood though, so I am doubting I am actually going to end up going. 

I chuckle at Anto who is being all lovey dovey with Jenny on the phone, she has a cold so she is staying with Paulina who is going to look after her, apparently she doesn't want Anto getting it from her, but its clearly visible that it's not making him any happy that he can't see her. I on the other hand after Paulina's words to me last night, I spend all day with her today until she went to Jenny's. It made me so happy when she finally said it that no matter how drunk I was it still caused me to fall asleep smiling like a freak. And when I woke up to see her in front of me sleeping softly, telling me that all what happened yesterday was true, and I couldn't resist and kiss her right on the lips, causing her to wake up. 

I grin and lay on my back still hearing some parts of Antos conversation but mostly I am in my own world. I feel something slapping against my face and i sit up alarmed. Anto chuckles and I laugh too. "What'd ya want star crossed lover?" I ask him using fake squeaky voice and he groans. "Stop it will you. She won't let me see her just because she is sick! Like I don't care about the fever." He whines and I laugh.

We end up actually getting into the quinns but as soon as we enter the crowd I wanna do a 180 and get the fuck out of this place. There are people grinding on each other, half naked girls all over the place. The girl I want right now is not even here with me. "Yuck." I hear behind me and I chuckle at Anto's description of the place, but indeed I do have to agree with him on that one. We go to the bar and order some drinks. 

In  about an hour I can feel alcohol settling down around my body slowly but I am not completely wasted. "your phone is ringing." Anto points out and I nod my head and answer it. "Hi." I say and I hear some giggling on the other side. "Hiya lads." Paulina says and I grin widely. "Babe. I missed you." I hear some awwing in the background and I chuckle. "Its Jenny and Paulina. " I mouth to Anto and he grins trying to grab the phone from me. "Nuh uh, lover boy, I wanna speak to my girl too." I stand up and leave the building as I barely could hear her. Anto trails out behind me immediately taking out his cigarettes. "So whats up?" I ask her and she chuckles. "Well we're a bit lonely here. We thought Jenny's ma would be here, but she has to work night shift tonight and we thought maybe you's can come over?" Paulina says seductively. I bite my lip 

"We'll be over there soon. But I thought Jenny didn't want Anto to get sick?" I ask and she laughs. 

"It's a long story just come over." 

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