The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


49. Chapter Forty-Nine.

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are the shooting stars? 


I am so damn confused I can't even think properly, today during work my boss asked me to check the size of shoes for one girl in the storing room and I brought back a fucking t-shirt and got yelled at. I can't even understand what's happening anymore. 

Paulina is being distant with me every time I even tried to grab her yesterday she acted as if i had some disease all over me. She was fine two days ago and we didn't have any boundaries between us, now she built those walls around herself again and I can't seem to reach her. And Anto is being so happy today he has this huge ass grin on his face I feel like slapping it off his face with a shoe. 

Yesterday I thought it was going back to normal, when Paulina just decided to leave me without even explaining anything. I really am thinking about smashing my head through the wall so maybe I'd get a slight bit of idea on what is going on? "Go home Ian." I hear my supervisor say and I look up at her and shake my head. "I am telling you to go home. I am not asking you to do so." she says and walks away I groan loudly and feel like poking my tongue out at her behind her back. Yes, childish I know. Now i won't get paid for today too. Great, amazing even. 

I walk out the shop nearly knocking an old man down and not even bothering to apologise I run home.Well not run, speed walk I'd say. As soon as I walk into the house I try to pull on my most innocent face and go to my room after greeting my mom at home and telling her that I only had a half day to work today. 

I lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling having an urge to smile when I see the little sticky stars on it. The things she makes me do. I stand up, get ready and leave fast, going to her house. She should be home she told me she is not going anywhere except school today. I knock on her door and a women in her 40s opens the door and looks at me confused. "Is Paulina here?" I ask her and she looks me up and down. Must be her mom. "No, she left with Jenny. They have a date today as much as I know." She tells me and I look at her wide eyed. 

"A date? Are you sure?" I ask her politely and she nods her head. "That's what they told me." She says and I nod my head. "Thank you. I better get going now. Can you please not tell her I have been here?" I ask her and she nods her head. I turn away and leave silently. 

She has a date today. I keep on mumbling under my nose on my way home. I call Anto and since he doesn't pick up I decide that he must be with them. But Anto wouldn't go with them if he knew Paulina was on a date with someone except from me right? 

I walk into the house slamming the door and going upstairs. 

She has a date today. 

A date with someone who is obviously not me. 

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