The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


45. Chapter Forty-Five.

To me you're perfect. 


I feel a feather-like kiss being left on my lips and I smile still with my eyes closed, afraid that if I open them for some weird reason she might disappear. I finally decide to open my eyes and see her staring down at me smiling. "I cooked some yum breakfast, for you all, so I suggest you get your butt out of this bed and get dressed." She tells me and I grin wider. She leaves the room and I get out of bed still having a shadow of a smile left on my face. Yesterday. It was perfect, we were so close and not in sexual way but in a emotional way. She let me see every single one of them and I made sure to pay each one of them needed attention. 

I make my way downstairs still happy but at the same time worried. I decide to wait for the rest until starting to eat. Then Paulina finally enters the kitchen I sent her a quick kiss and she pretends to catch it. "What got you so happy?" She asks me smiling and I shrug my shoulders. "I just love waking up beside you. " 

She was about to say something back to me, when we heard two pair of footsteps coming down the stairs, we decide to keep quiet, and it stays like that until I see Paulina frowning a bit, and I decide to squeeze her hand under the table, she smiles and I smile slightly, biting my lip to prevent myself from grinning like a fool again. 

"I can do the dishes."Jenny suggests and Paulina snorts. "No thank you. I am pretty sure your house needs a few dishes to serve meals on."She teases and Jenny blushes furiously, hiding her face with her hair. Anto chuckles and kisses her on the cheek. "I'll do them its okay I don't mind." Paulina says and I smile. "I'll help you. You cooked this all on your own, so I think its only fair if I help you out with the dishes." I tell her and she nods her head. We stand up taking all the dirty dishes to the sink, while the other two love birds go upstairs to get fully ready, take showers etc. 

I stand behind Paulina hugging her around the waist, us both washing dishes together. "I want to take out for the date." I whisper into her ear and she shivers slightly. I peck her neck and she turns towards me. "Why so sudden?"she asks and I shrug my shoulders. "I just thought that it's not fair that we only had one date and I think we both deserve another one." I explain and she grins. "I'd love to go on a date with you." She says and I wink at her. 

When we are finished with the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen table Paulina goes upstairs to get dressed fully and she comes back in a matter of five minutes fully ready and looking fresh. "Wonder where those two are?" I ask her wiggling my eyebrows and she laugh. "Awh no matter what the situation is I don't think they'd do it that fast. She gave him some pleasure." She tells me and I look at her confused. "I just don't know how he can do it. You know if you sucked my dick and then didn't even let me touch you I'd pull half of my hair out." I tell her and she shrugs her shoulders. "I don't do things like that.." she sings and I pull her down on my lap hugging her.

"Well I think if you didn't give it to me I'd be as frustrated as he is." I chuckle and she smiles. "Well it'd good that I gave it to you isn't it?" She teases and I nod my head. 

I kiss her on the lips biting it softly and she moans softly. "I love you." I whisper and she pulls away looking at me happily. "Me too. I love you too. So much it's scary." She says and I look at her questioningly. "I don't want to get hurt again. If I do get hurt by another lad I'll just break. I had those walls over my heart and then you somehow managed to break them down and I let you in. " She explains and I peck her lips.

"I will never hurt you. And I sure as hell won't let anybody else hurt you either." 

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