Neville Longbottom and the Immortality Chaser

Wonder, what would happen if Neville Longbottom was the Boy who Lived. What if Neville, was the chosen one and had his own adventures at Hogwarts?


11. Friends On A Train

I boarded the train and looked around for an empty compartment.  I didn't want to bother anyone.  If anyone wanted to talk to me, they would have to come to me, not the other way around.  I found one and sat down in it.  Then the boy from earlier, the youngest one, came up to me.

"Can I join you?  Everywhere else is full." He asked

"Sure," I waved him in

"I'm Ron Weasley, you are?" He introduced

"Neville Longbottom," I held out my hand for him to shake

"You really have the scar on your temple?" Ron asked uneasily

"Yeah," I pushed my hair back

"Cool," He nodded

We sat there in an awkward silence.  He sighed and looked around.  A lady came from around the corner pushing a cart covered in goodies.  I looked back at Ron, he sighed and held up a package wrapped in paper.  He smiled weakly.

"What do you want, Ron?" I asked

"I don't need anything." He shook his head

"Oh come on," I raised an eyebrow

"Ok, I'll take..."


"A chocolate frog?" My eyes widened

"It's just magic," Ron laughed

"Oh," I opened the package and saw the frog hop out of my reach

"Tough luck, but what card did you get?" Ron mumbled through the candy in his mouth

"I got Professor Albus Dumbledore,"

"I got five of him," Ron shrugged

"He left?" I looked at the now completely black picture

"You can't expect him to stay there all the time now can you?" Ron scrunched up his forehead

"Oh, right." I nodded

"Excuse me," A girl with bushy brown hair came around the corner

"What?" Ron asked sharply

"Can I sit in here?"

"No way," Ron laughed

"Ron!" I said

"What?" He shrugged

"You can sit in here," I gestured for her to come in

"You know, you might want to change into your robes soon." She said

"What's your name?" Ron asked her

"I am Hermione," She replied pulling someone else into the room

"And I am Harry," The scraggly boy about my age

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