My Neighbor Totoro

(Joey Graceffa Fan Fiction!!!)

Joey has always loved Totoro. One day he moves into a new house by a strange forest. Sawyer leaves to go get food and Joey finds a special girl..... She says everyone calls her Totoro.


3. Moving in

   I unpacked all of my stuff and looked at Sawyer. "I don't know what you going be doing but this place is Totoro damn anya!" I yelled and he laughed at me. "Go! I know you wanna see that tree!" Sawyer yelled and I ran out of the house. I went to a place where it looked like when Mei went in the bush. "Please Totoro! I want to see you!!!" I yelled hoping I would see him. Living out my fantasies! I hopped inside running. As fast as I can I tripped. I fell down a huge hole. (Ok that sounded really wrong!)

    I fell into a humungus hole and saw green and flowers! When I saw where Mei played with Totoro's tail I freaked. "Ahhhhh!!!!" I yelled. I heard footsteps. I went into Totoro's bed. In was a Totoro bed like mine. "Hello?" I said nervous and hoping Totoro popped out. I looked around and saw nothing. "Totoro?" Still looking I grew tired. I looked at my phone and it said eleven. I decided to go to bed on the Totoro bed. Then my phone died.

   Once I woke up I heard screaming. "Joey! Joey! Where are you joey?!?!" It was Sawyer's voice. I looked around and saw a girl. "You've been here long enough! Get off my bed!" She yelled. "Oh. Oh my gawd. You're Joey Graceffa!!!!!" She yelled hugging me. "I'm Stella but you can call me Totoro! I live here alone!" She said hugging me still. "I charged your phone for you." This 'totoro' girl said. "Um thanks?" I said. "They've been calling your name for a while."she said. I got up and grabbed my phone. 'Hey Sawyer I am ok be at the house in a sec.' I texted. Totoro smiled.

    "I like your ears." I said tapping them. Her stomach rumbled. "Are you hungry?" I asked. She nodded. "Come with me." I said. "Ok" she said and we went to the house. "Wait! Joey I don't want  people to know about me." I sighed. "I'll be back." She nodded and sat down sadly. Soon I left saying bye.

   Once I got to the house everyone there yelled. "Joey!" Sawyer yelled. "Sawyer!" I yelled back. "Hey guys I'm going out some more be back in a bit." I said sneaking some food. I realized that I forgot my phone at the house. I kept running. "Totoro!" I yelled. "I brought you some food!" I yelled and jumped in a bush. I ran, tripped, and fell in a hole. "Joey." Totoro said. She ran to me and hugged me. I handed her a sandwich. "Thank you." She said then hugged me. She was very kind, and beautiful.

    I stood there watching her eat the sandwich. "What?" She said. "Nothin...." I said. "Joey! What?" She yelled at me. I laughed. "What?!?!?!?!?!" She yelled. "Nothing! Do you have a phone number?" I asked. She blushed. "Yea." Then she told me her number still blushing. "Bye!" I yelled waving. "Bye Joey!" She yelled back.



Hey guys! Ok I'm going to tell joey and comment on one of his vids. About this! Stella! Do you like it so far?!?!?! Tell me in the comments!! ( ^ - ^ )

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