My Neighbor Totoro

(Joey Graceffa Fan Fiction!!!)

Joey has always loved Totoro. One day he moves into a new house by a strange forest. Sawyer leaves to go get food and Joey finds a special girl..... She says everyone calls her Totoro.


1. I'm Joey!

  "Hello there all you sluts and whores!!!" I yelled doing another HungerCraft video. "I'm here with Stacyanya." This is my life. I thought. (BTW I made this part up) "Joey!" Stacy yelled. "I heard your moving!" She yelled. "Yupeanya!" I yelled. "Well we all hope you like your new place!!" She yelled and we continued the video.

    Me and Sawyer thought our place was a little tight so we're moving.  I packed my stuff and called Sawyer. "Ready?" I asked. "Yeah meet me at the house." He said I hung up and grabbed my Totoro backpack. Once I got to the house I thought Totoro! There is a big tree and around it is a big forest!!! Can't wait anymoreanya!!



  Sorry really short first chapter!!! Just to tell about what's going onanya. Dedicated to Joey Graceffa and Studio Ghibli!!!! Thanks for reading Totoros!!! <3

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