My Older Brother

Cass and i walk down stairs "Ahhhhh!" I scream there he is my older brother


2. 1

Kristin's P.o.v

Its just Cass (cassidy) and i and we are in the basement practicing for the winter performance and i hear lots of laughter well we are having a christmas party to bad Lou isn't here to celebrate with us " What is that Noise," i yell " lets go up and see then," Cass said "fine," we walk up the stairs and i see my Big Bro "Ahhh," i yell i jump on louis back and squeeze him really tight "i missed you to kitty," (thats what he calls me obviously) " Lou-," i was cut off by Cass " O.M.G Krissy we gotta go we have to get to the ring," " oh ya ... Lou can you drive us?" I ask " corse lil'sis," " hey guys were going to the ring," he says with a smile and off we went.


Hey little people just comment like and favourite tell me what you think i could use it thxs;)

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