The Quirky Tale Of April Hale

April Hale is a normal girl. Her life however, is not so normal when she meets Liam Payne of One Direction. He turns her life upside down, with love, hate, and betrayal. This is the life story of April Hale. (This story WILL be a series!) =D


1. My Tale

Hi, my name is April. April Hale, and you could call me normal. And I was, that is until I met Liam Payne of One Direction. Let me start from the beginning. And I mean the way beginning. When I was born, I was pale white, and my umbilical cord around my neck. My father left when I was four, and my mom died when I was born. (I HAVE TO GO EAT, THE REST WILL BE IN THE NEXT CHAPTER... SORRY!)
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