love is giving

we shud never forget our job of giving ourselves to the people, and never try to sedate ourselves into selfishness


1. It's Christmas

"Wake up Daff!!!" hollers mom from the kitchen, which is only a portion of the other end of the room.It has been a year since Merily as a single mother n her precious little have been occupying what looks like a tiny little hut at the edge of the town.

"Merry Christmas!! my dear" she exclaims with a smile as she plants a kiss on little Daphne's forehead while Daff draws the covers down n kicks off the day. "Merry Christmas mom" she responds letting out a yawn.

In a jiff, she hops off the bed and hurries to the small backyard they have, searches for her present under what scarcely looked like a Christmas tree. It was merely a bundle of twigs piled up and covered in green, a ragged snowman, and a bell that cud only expel a stifle tinkle against the gentle wind. She had built it herself the previous day.

Underneath her Xmas tree, lies an ordinary basket with not many yet delicately wrapped tiny boxes that had a few chocolates inside...

Before sleep last night, she had prayed to Santa for a huge box full of chocolates which is definitely not what she currently holds in her tiny little hands.

A moment of silence, as if she's lost in some deep conversation with herself. And suddenly she sprints down the street without looking back n stops when she faces a abandoned building, an almost ruin. It sheltered a group of innocent immature orphans who survived off the leftovers from the junkyard that positioned right next to it.

.,,,5 she states to herself counting them one by one. Then she glances inside the basket, sums up the boxes only to stop at 5 this time as well. Regardless, she hands them a single box each. Her face lightens up just as theirs effulge with mirth. She turns around and finds her mother standing motionless without a word.

Her eyes drizzling and fastened to her daughter. She picks up her pretty little angel off the ground, n envelops her into her bosom. She's at a loss for words, all she manages to say under her breath is 'I love you' n it is all that matters...

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