A Winter Love Story

Angel Topperton is a normal 14 year old girl. Her mother owns a small equestrian centre, in the heart of Snowdelfia. She cares for the other horses, including her seven year old sister’s Welsh section D gelding, Jellybean . But when an emergency horse comes along, will she take her on?


4. The Stable

Angel walked Tinsel into the stables. She walked her into her stall and took off her headcollar and unclipped the leadrope. 

Tinsel turned around to face Angel. She sniffed her, then started nuzzling her. When she had stopped, Angel started stroking her face. Then she went out of the door and bolted it closed so Tinsel wouldn't get out. 

Tinsel walked over again. Her eyes gave a friendly expression. Angel offered her a polo. Tinsel sniffed it, then felt it with her mouth. She decided to try it, and licked it off Angels hand. Angel giggled, it felt like ages since she had last offered a horse a polo, but it was only a week ago. 

"I'll be back in a minute, Tinsel. I'm going to get you a hay net" she said. She patted Tinsel's nose, and Tinsel nodded as if she understood every word that Angel said. Angel ran off to get a hay net as quick as she could.

Lily walked out of Jellybean's stable, taking Jellybean with her. He was all clean, and ready to enter the competition at another riding school. They walked over to Tinsel's stall. "Hello girl" she said, and she stroked her nose. Tinsel lifted her head up and refused to be stroked by her. She tried again. Tinsels ears went flat, and she tried to bite. She kicked the door too. Lily screamed, before quickly running away to the horse trailer, with Jellybean trotting beside her.

Angel heared her sister scream and ran back to Tinsel's stall. Tinsels ears were still back and down, and it was obvious to Angel that Tinsel had tried to bite Lily. Tinsels ears came back up again when Angel came to her stable. She tried to nuzzle her.

"NO Tinsel, NAUGHTY Tinsel" she said, and pushed away the offer to be nuzzled. She sat on a hay bale she left on the floor. Tinsel turned around to face Angel, who was sitting there with her face i her hands. Tinsel hanged her head. She really didn't mean to bite Lily, but Lily didn't get the warning that she didn't want to be stroked. 

Angel looked up at Tinsel. She saw how sorry she was. Angel stroked her muzzle. She stood up, and put her headcollar back on. "Come on Tinsel, i'll take you for a walk. Maybe then you'll get more comfy with the people, horses and ponies here.

She attached the lead rope, and they walked out of the stable together.

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