A Winter Love Story

Angel Topperton is a normal 14 year old girl. Her mother owns a small equestrian centre, in the heart of Snowdelfia. She cares for the other horses, including her seven year old sister’s Welsh section D gelding, Jellybean . But when an emergency horse comes along, will she take her on?


5. Meeting new friends

Angel walked with Tinsel by her side. Their legs moved simultaneously together. Thump, clip, thump, clop, as they walked together on the concrete path. Tinsel had calmed down quite a lot, and was now enjoying the breeze through her mane.

After a few minutes, they got to the sand school. Another mare was already in there, trotting around. It was her mums horse, Sparkie. She was a bit smaller than Tinsel, standing at just over fifteen hands high and had a dark bay coat. She also had a grey stable sheet on.

Angel walked up to her mum, with Tinsel walking next to her. "Before you try breaking Tinsel in, I think she should make a friend" her mum said, looking at Sparkie whilst being sniffed by Tinsel. Tinsel turned to the fence and let out a friendly whinny. It had been a month since she had arrived, yet she still hadn't made a friend and was rather desperate to. 

Angel walked Tinsel over to the gate. "Easy girl, don't get too eager" she said, stroking Tinsel's coat softly. She slowed down slightly, before being led through the gate. Angel led her right up to Sparkie, who was now looking at this spotty mare. Angel unclipped her, before walking to the fence and climbing over the fence with her mother.

Sparkie and Tinsel stoof there for a few seconds, just looking at each other. They both had soft brown eyes, which looked fairly happy. Tinsel made the move to sniff, and Sparkie happily accepted. Within minutes they were nuzzling each other and trotting up and down happily, before noticing they were being watched. Slowly, they both wondered over, back to Angel with her mum. They nuzzled their owners, before getting a carrot each and wondering off again.

"I'm glad that went so well!" Angel said as she watched her beautiful mare have fun with her new friend.  "Yeah so am I, but they have to go back now" her mum said, before grabbing Sparkie's lead rope and climbing over the fence, with Angel following behind. With some hesitation, Sparkie and Tinsel gave themselfs in and were lead out together. "I have decided to move Sparkie to a new stable, which will be next to Tinsel" her mum said, still walking the horses back to their stables. Tinsel let out a delighted whinny and Sparkie smiled greatfully. "You can help me move all the things over tomorrow, then you can get to work on Tinsel" her mum said as she nodded.



Sparkie stood at the door of the stable, watching Tinsel. Over the last few hours they had became quite fond of each other, and did not want to be too far apart. Tinsel was then led out, and Sparkie started panicking. "Its okay Sparkie, she is just going to stand right here whilst i groom her and put her rug on" Angel spoke softly, and Sparkie lowered her head in relief. 

Tinsel stood completely still when she was groomed, with the exception of her head which was sniffing and nuzzling Sparkie constantly. When she walked back into her stable, she let out a gentle nicker and Sparkie walked away from the door. They both laid down and soon drifted off to sleep.


They both looked so happy with how the day turned out.

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