A Winter Love Story

Angel Topperton is a normal 14 year old girl. Her mother owns a small equestrian centre, in the heart of Snowdelfia. She cares for the other horses, including her seven year old sister’s Welsh section D gelding, Jellybean . But when an emergency horse comes along, will she take her on?


3. In the paddock

Angel let her into the  paddock, and unclipped her pink lead rope. She cantered off straight away, and Angel closed the wooden gate and leaned onto the fence.

She watched Tinsel. She had a bit of a bolt and gallop, before going to a walk. She grazed for a few minutes, before deciding that she didn't like the taste of the grass. She looked up, and made eye contact with Angel, who was still daydreaming about her. She walked over, and Angel snapped out of her daydream. She sniffed Angel, before nuzzling her. Angel's mum got to the paddock, and fed Tinsel a carrot. "Now off you go, give me ten minutes" she said to Tinsel, before rubbing her muzzle. She cantered off.

"Tinsel is nine years old, and isn't broken in yet. If you can break her in successfully, you can have her, but if not then i'll make her a school horse" her mum said sternly. Angel hugged her. "Thanks mum", then her mum walked off to teach some children who had just came in.

Angel walked into the paddock, and called Tinsel over. She looked up, then started to trot over. "Good girl", Angel rubbed her nose then kissed her. She clipped on her lead rope, and led Tinsel to her new stable.

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